» » Jack Milton: Fairy Tale Detective (2003)

Short summary

In a dark and morally corrupt fairy tale world, Detective Jack Milton and his trusty sidekick, Tom Thumb, strive to solve the murders of the world's most famous storybook characters.

Won two awards at the 2003 Boston International Film Festival, and was screened at the 2003 San Francisco World Film Festival, the 2003 Annapolis Film Festival, and the 2003 S.N.O.B. Film Festival

Cast overview, first billed only:
Kevin Kate Kevin Kate - Jack Milton
Dennis Lemoine Dennis Lemoine - Tom Thumb
James Noel Hoban James Noel Hoban - The Wolf / Jack's Lawyer
Bonnie Stockdale Bonnie Stockdale - Grandma / Elmira
John Micheal Dupuis John Micheal Dupuis - The Pig / The Bear / Bob Townlytilson
Becky Baumwoll Becky Baumwoll - Riding Hood
Christine Clayburg Christine Clayburg - D.A. Bo Peep
Jake O'Hara Jake O'Hara - Jack
Jocelyn S. Neptune Jocelyn S. Neptune - Jill
Bernice Liuson Sim Bernice Liuson Sim - Eager Reporter
Kelly Cook Kelly Cook - Beat Reporter
Thomas Walker Thomas Walker - Hansel
Marlena Iannicelli Marlena Iannicelli - Gretel
Jennifer Jarrett Jennifer Jarrett - Sleeping Beauty
Antonio Iannicelli Antonio Iannicelli - Pinocchio
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