» » Regal Academy Fairy Tale Wedding (2016– )

Short summary

Rose is devastated when Doctor LeFrog confiscates her Fairy Tale Collection. But Vicky and Shire Cat create a threatening evil potion, and only her collection can help the heroes save the situation!

Episode cast overview:
Jessica Paquet Jessica Paquet - Rose Cinderella (voice)
Erica Schroeder Erica Schroeder - Astoria Rapunzel (voice)
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld - Joy Le Frog (voice)
Billy Bob Thompson Billy Bob Thompson - Hawk Snowwhite (voice)
Henry F. Benjamin Henry F. Benjamin - Travis Beast (voice)
Kathryn Cahill Kathryn Cahill - Grandma Cinderella (voice)
Lori Gardner Lori Gardner - Grandma Snowwhite (voice)
Kayzie Rogers Kayzie Rogers - Grandma Rapunzel (voice)
H.D. Quinn H.D. Quinn - Grandpa Beast (voice)
Marc Thompson Marc Thompson - Grandpa Le Frog (voice)
Laurie Hymes Laurie Hymes - Vicky Broomstick (voice)
Brittney Lee Hamilton Brittney Lee Hamilton - Ruby Stepsister (voice) (as Brittney Hamilton)
Michael Henning Michael Henning - Cyrus Broomstick (voice)
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