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    • Author: Gavidor
    First off, I have been a fan of Eltons for ages. I attended this concert at Madison Square Garden, and was thrilled that it was to be taped for TV. What I attended: one of the best concert experiences ever, what was shown on TV: a hacked up, event, with what had to be one of the worst sound mixes EVER! The editor's (four of the absolute worst) tried to make us believe that Elton's celebration party, the night before at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and the actual birthday concert took place on the same day. Comeon guys! The song selections were noticeably out of order, and the inter-cut celebrity well wishing/comments were annoying as well as distracting.

    For the sound, It was so poorly mixed that sometimes you could barely hear Sir Elton's voice over the piano. (Thank you Susan Pelino.) Was I glad this was broadcast on TV? Of course, but I wish they had used some equally matched talent to EJ in putting the package together.
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    • Author: Ungall
    Broadcasted on MyNetworkTV on April 5, this 60th birthday celebration for Sir Elton John was a mostly enjoyable concert special that showcased some of his best hits from the last nearly 40 years from "I'm Still Standing" to "How Wonderful Life Feels". When Robin Williams introduces him, he amusingly says Elton made "Liberace look Amish!" You also see plenty of British and American celebrities say their own tributes on air. I loved the animated one contributed by Bette Midler. Near the end are stills of John in some of his most outrageous outfits including his famous Donald Duck suit. Many celebrities were in the audience including a stunning appearance of Anne Hathaway. Also stunning: Lily Allen in the tribute comments section. Happy belated birthday, Sir Elton! Hope you have many more as enjoyable as this! P.S. John's longtime songwriting partner Bernie Taupin also wishes Sir Elton Happy Birthday on stage and appears on the tributes.
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    • Author: Kit
    I disagree with the previous comments about the sound mix being bad. I watched this program in 720p HD from the Atlanta affiliate of My Network TV, and the accompanying Dolby 5.1 mix sounded fine to me. You can hear Elton's vocals just fine on the center channel.

    Maybe it was just the stereo mix for analog TV that was messed up? Or perhaps the previous commenter's local station messed something up?

    I've seen local stations forget to flip the switch to go from stereo (most common on TV up until now) to Dolby 5.1 before. This causes the center channel (where vocals reside) to be lost. I once watched an entire CBS broadcast of a tennis tournament this way.
  • Credited cast:
    Elton John Elton John - Himself - Performer
    Kate Thornton Kate Thornton - Herself - Presenter
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Lily Allen Lily Allen - Herself
    Babydaddy Babydaddy - Himself (as Scissor Sisters)
    Tyra Banks Tyra Banks - Herself
    Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham - Herself
    Tony Bennett Tony Bennett - Himself
    James Blunt James Blunt - Himself
    Jon Bon Jovi Jon Bon Jovi - Himself
    Paddy Boom Paddy Boom - Himself (as Scissor Sisters)
    Pierce Brosnan Pierce Brosnan - Himself
    Michael Caine Michael Caine - Himself
    Shakira Caine Shakira Caine - Herself
    Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell - Herself
    Mariah Carey Mariah Carey - Herself
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