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Stunning girls and genius guys live together and team up as they compete in hilarious and heart-warming challenges to test their intellect and social skills.

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    • Author: Malien
    It's a reality TV show called 'Beauty and the Geek', so yes it's a bit cheesy and a little embarrassing at times, but isn't that why we watch reality TV in the first place? I know that's why I do.

    The Australian version also shows a nice cross-section of people, who aren't soulless Survivor-type contestants and actually seem to develop the odd, fairly sweet relationship from time to time.

    It also has a lot of nice messages about confidence/self-esteem, body image and getting to know someone before making judgments.

    That, combined with hot girls falling over and geeks getting make-overs makes this just a fun, secretly enthralling reality show.
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    • Author: Skrimpak
    BEAUTY AND THE GEEK Australia had the advantage of several years of the US version working out the bugs. It came across as friendlier, more targeted, and over all worked better.

    The whole concept is definitely a geek fantasy, and one wonders what the girls really sign up for, (apart from the money.) They pair off and live together in the same room and bed for 6 or so weeks in a mansion setting. (They refer to the events as weeks apart, but who knows the actual filming schedule.) Everyone seems to make friends easily, and that is probably the greatest benefit for all involved - these socially awkward young men learning how to talk to and be around women that heretofore would not give them the time of day. Without question, the emotional and physical transformations are genuine and highly appropriate.

    Yes, the geeks are probably coached not to shave or cut their hair for weeks before the filming, all to encourage the greatest physical transformation at their makeovers, but the point is well taken - the better you look, the more confidence it can give. Proving the old maxim, perception creates reality.

    I think the girls grow as well during their time with the geeks. After spending so much of their youth in social circles containing male wolves and jocks, it is probably a breath of fresh air to be around men that are gentle, sensitive, and genuinely appreciative of womanly company. They find themselves liking these men for who they are, helping them penetrate the social boundaries that have hindered them for years.

    The Australian version comes out a little cleaner and more polished, whereas the US version is more rough around the edges. Without question, the Australians are much more friendly and closer bonding than Americans, (and I found that very interesting.) I had always heard Aussies are very friendly, and the contrast between the two versions definitely bears that out. They genuinely pull for each other, whereas the US contestants generate much deeper rivalries and game playing.

    I enjoyed this series, as I think it creates a universal interest and attraction between the two groups. (Almost makes me want to visit Australia.)
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    • Author: Steelrunner
    Why not just put a Jew and Nazi in the same space? See how many laugh's that gets. I can't believe people watch this trash. It is offensive on so many levels and all that seems to exist in this show is a shallow and stereotypical view on people. First of all, the idea of putting two groups together that have nothing in common is absurd, it's not entertaining or funny, its just sad. Girls like the one on this show want nothing to do with the geeks featured. They come from different universes. It's totally edited for TV so that it seems as if these two can be together after all but all the contestants are just in it for the cash anyway, neither is really looking for a partner. Secondly, the show obviously plays in favor to the beauties- It basically says that it's okay to dumb and beautiful but not okay to be ugly and smart. My main evidence of this comes from the fact they have a major make over for the geeks during the series and the geeks are then supposed to feel they can be accepted into society because there better looking, the beauties on the other hand have little done to them to change them, there is a few quizzes in there but it's really just a pathetic excuse to keep people from blasting the show. I strongly recommend you don't join the morons who watch this stuff religiously, so beware.
  • Series cast summary:
    Bernard Curry Bernard Curry - Himself - Host 34 episodes, 2009-2012
    James Tobin James Tobin - Himself - Host 16 episodes, 2013-2014
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