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The Neanderthal's mother-in-law forces him to watch over an ill Uncle Bob for the day.

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    • Author: Impala Frozen
    Dumbland - Uncle Bob (2002)

    *** (out of 4)

    If you go through David Lynch's filmography you'll notice weird features and weird shorts. This Dumbland series is weird animation as the director takes a large, deformed man and puts him into various situations.

    The large man is forced to babysit Uncle Bob and he is warned that if Bob is injured then he will have hell to pay. There's something wrong with Uncle Bob but the large man can't figure out what but soon Bob begins to hurt himself. This is without question one of the strangest episodes in the series and yes that is saying something because this is a pretty weird series. I thought the funniest thing about this short wasn't the weird Uncle but instead it was the large man's facial reactions to everything he's doing. The confused look on the large man's face was just priceless and led to some good laughs.
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    • Author: Utchanat
    How can one even evaluate such a strange thing. Here what appears to be a female figure tells a sort of barbarian to keep an eye on Uncle Bob, who is hunched over, coughing, shaking, vomiting, and defecating. He is to be treated kindly or his balls will be bitten off. It is really uncomfortable to view. I have contended for years that David Lynch pretty much presents his own nightmares for the screen. Having chanced upon this on Hulu, I thought I'd give it a look. The whole thing is so outrageous and disturbing that when it ends, it is comforting. The drawings are stark and repetitious and hammer home some sort of point. The characters are either violent or submissive.
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