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From the creative mind of Writer, Director, and Actor T. Noel Sylve, The Uncle Know Show is a SitCom about a family that was displaced by Hurricane Katrina who are now surviving and thriving in the San Francisco Bay Area under the guidance and wisdom of Uncle Know (T. Noel Sylve).

The Uncle Know Show TV series evolved from the creative mind and acting ability of Writer, Director, and Actor T. Noel Sylve after he performed in a commercial with NBA Basketball Star and Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry in 2016.

Series cast summary:
Sunset 'Sunny' Johnson Sunset 'Sunny' Johnson - Sunny 1 episode
Adam Beverly Adam Beverly - Adam 1 episode
ChynnaRose ChynnaRose - Chynna 1 episode
Kinley Compton Kinley Compton - Kinley 1 episode
Brandi Ellis Brandi Ellis - Brandi 1 episode
Barnaby Falls Barnaby Falls - Barnaby 1 episode
Michael J. Gwynn Michael J. Gwynn - Mike 1 episode
Kelly Hudson Kelly Hudson - Kelly 1 episode
Chynna Morgan Chynna Morgan - Chynna 1 episode
Josea Morgan Josea Morgan - Josea 1 episode
Elena Orzheshkovskay Elena Orzheshkovskay - Elena 1 episode
Marcus Stevenson Marcus Stevenson - Marcus 1 episode
Shannon Turner Shannon Turner - Shannon 1 episode
Candice Bryant Brown Candice Bryant Brown - Aunt Tiny 1 episode
Cyl'Nita Cyl'Nita - Grandma Gladys 1 episode
Elroy Jenkins Elroy Jenkins - Elroy 1 episode
Keldamuzik Keldamuzik - Niece Kelda 1 episode
Gigi Smith Gigi Smith - Gigi 1 episode
Even Steven Even Steven - Cousin Steven 1 episode
T. Noel Sylve T. Noel Sylve - Uncle Know 1 episode
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