» » Las flores de mi familia (2012)

Short summary

90-year-old Nivia faces an unexpected change. Her daughter Alicia, whom Nivia has lived with for ages, has found a new husband after years of widowhood and understandably wants to move in with him. Nivia disapprove of the relationship and accuses her daughter of abandoning her. Both women embark on a profound and revealing journey where the longing for a new love and the fear of growing old alone inevitably lead to a clash between mother and daughter. The director, Nivia's grandson and Alicia's son, managed to capture in an almost invisible way - as if in a work of fiction - the inevitable sorrow caused by a separation which, nevertheless, took place in a garden where flowers never wither, a dog turns out to be the best psychologist and an annoying pigeon seems to be announcing a miracle.

Cast overview:
Nivia Quintana Nivia Quintana - Nivia Quintana
Alicia Hoppe Alicia Hoppe - Alicia Hoppe
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