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A young boys pet dog and a mouse embark on an adventure to deliver his letter to Santa on Christmas eve.

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    • Author: Cktiell
    Here is a Hanna/Barbera Christmas TV special my family and I love; we still do. But of course my parents refer to the title as "Timmy's Letter."

    The special is set in a town/era almost like in Disney's Lady and the Tramp, and it was Christmas Eve. In one house, a little boy named Timmy (voiced by Andy Panda's voice actor Walter Tetley) was read a Christmas story and tucked into bed. The resident mouse Gumdrop (voice by animation regular Daws Butler), while admiring the house all decorated for Christmas, noticed Timmy's letter to Santa on the floor. The letter must have fallen off the table and never got mailed. So he and the family dog Gobber (voiced by Paul Winchell) set outside to deliver the letter to Santa and save Christmas for Timmy.

    I was very fortunate (and so is my family) to find it on TV and taped it because they don't show anymore. So all I can say is I love this special from beginning to end. And I don't have any particular scene I like, because I love this cartoon. I also love the songs in the special; three of them were replayed in later Hanna/Barbera Christmas programs.
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    • Author: santa
    Caught this peculiar oddity when the tivo was set for Loony Tunes. I actually thought it was older than '72, which was the same year for Roman Holidays and Amazing Chan.

    As the other review says, it was Gumdrop the mouse (Daws Butler, imagine Elroy Jetson here) and Goober the dog (Paul Winchell, Tigger from Winnie the Pooh) who suddenly felt the need to get Timmy's letter to Santa and chased him from house to house.

    Nothing overly new from the HB stock. The 'Hope' song is played in both the Flintstones' Christmas program (not the original Christmas episode from the early sixties show, which appears to be scheduled to air on WGN this year) and the Yogi Bear show, Yogi's First Christmas (not in Casper's Christmas).

    LIke most of these shows, its over before it starts getting on your nerves. Flintstones, however, is an hour program and Yogi runs ninety minutes.
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    • Author: Frlas
    As a one-off, unrelated to any franchise Special (it's also nothing to do with the 1983 movie with the same title) it's clear that A Christmas Story has fallen into massive obscurity. Quite rightly so, as it's a fairly bland story with nothing memorable about it whatsoever.

    It begins in some quaint, little, snow-covered town with little Timmy being read to by his dad on Xmas Eve. But he's forgotten to mail his letter to Santa, so the dog and house mouse take off in search of the big-bearded gift-giver (who conveniently just happens to be down the street instead of anywhere else in the world) in order to give him said letter.

    Limp hijinks follow. And it ends with a total cop-out, borderline illogical ending which pretty much negates everything that precedes it. But I guess I'm scrutinizing a 1972 Hanna-Barbera cartoon a little too closely.

    Forget this one, and stick to Specials based on established franchises.
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    • Author: Fast Lovebird
    It's Christmas Eve and little Timmy's letter to Santa was somehow forgotten. So his dog and a mouse desperately try to track Santa down and deliver the letter so Timmy will have a good Christmas. A cute Hanna-Barbera Christmas special that seems to be all but forgotten today. It's corny stuff but enjoyable for what it is. Good voice work from Daws Butler and Paul Winchell, among other fine voice actors like Don Messick. The animation is adequate (it was made for TV, after all). It's also from Hanna-Barbera so you know there's a lot of corny jokes and loud sound effects. Thankfully there is no laugh track but you don't have to use your imagination to see the spots where it seems room was left for it. There are a number of songs, some of which were reused for later Hanna-Barbera TV specials. This isn't likely to become a new favorite of yours but if you enjoy old animated Christmas specials, it's certainly worth giving a try.
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    • Author: Jack
    I have fond memories of this. The friendly mouse and dog team up to deliver a letter to Santa. They go all over town but keep running into store Santas or Salvation Army types or whatever. There are the usual Hanna Barbara songs, voicers (Daws Butler and Paul Winchell), treacly images of an ideal Christmas, etc.

    And know what, I loved every single second of it. They'd put this on about 7:30 pm in December back in the 70s, and I can remember playing outside in the snow as a kid, coming into the house and seeing this come on. It was a perfect tandem show w/ the Grinch/Rankin Bass/Peanuts stuff that is now better remembered.

    It's not a classic per se, but its not that bad, and if you ever get a chance to watch it, do so. You gotta like H-B from the 70s though. Fair Warning.
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    • Author: Alien
    I was lucky many years see this. It is NOT really all that memorable of a other have stated. HOWEVER..I am quite one else noticed..that the opening song in the cartoon.."All on Christmas day". was RE_WORKED into the song played on the "Enchanted voyage" dark ride.. at the Amusement park Kings Island, near Cincinnati Ohio. That ride is LONG gone, redid several "boo blasters".. But form 1971-1983.. it was the enchanted Voyage..and this tune with different words..about the " happy friends that live in my tv".. played throughout the dark boat ride !!.
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    • Author: Fordg
    For a longest time i always had this faint memory of some Christmas related cartoon, that i think i might have seen in sometime in my childhood. It must have only aired once (in my country at least).

    But of course the internet saved the day on this upcoming Christmas and i could finally take a look at that almost forgotten flick.

    And its just. bleh.

    Story: Someone forgot sent poor Timmy's letter to Santa, so its up to a Clever little mouse and his Dog companion bring the letter to Santa, before he goes to Timmy's chimney.

    And that's about it.

    There's is not much to go for in this Hanna-Barbera flick except their typical cheap looking animation and their typical cheap slapstick. There was this one song that was enjoyable and Dogs voice actor is the one who played Tigger. But still i would not want to sit through this again.
  • Cast overview:
    Daws Butler Daws Butler - Gumdrop (voice)
    Don Messick Don Messick - (voice)
    Hal Smith Hal Smith - (voice)
    John Stephenson John Stephenson - (voice)
    Walter Tetley Walter Tetley - Timmy (voice)
    Janet Waldo Janet Waldo - (voice)
    Paul Winchell Paul Winchell - Goober (voice)
    Paul DeKorte Paul DeKorte - Singer (voice)
    Randy Kemner Randy Kemner - Singer (voice)
    Stephen McAndrew Stephen McAndrew - Singer (voice)
    Ida Sue McCune Ida Sue McCune - Singer (voice)
    Judy Richards Judy Richards - Singer (voice)
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