» » Days of Our Lives Episode #1.9574 (1965– )

Short summary

Philip can't convince Chloe, Belle joins them with cookies, he confesses 'in jest' to be a spy, the Kiriakis name scares off an obnoxious marine. Tony's French doors caused Sami to bleed unconscious. Brady tells Marlena he's loosing confidence, they see Sami brought in for examination. Victor allows sarcastic ingrate Nicole to join his lunch, after a call that becomes the limo to hospital guarded by Nico, while Philip asks him about locking up Nicole and disbelieves it's a silly fight nor the couple ever loved each-other. Roman and Kate commiserated with their headstrong children, then hear Lucas explain, worried for Will's mother, Dr. Cheryl says no medical prognosis is possible yet. Vin claims confidently he'll be recognized and freed, not impressed by Bo's gun-waving so he addresses the border guard, but he lets Bo trough distracted by 'flirtatious motor-chick' Hope.

Episode credited cast:
John Aniston John Aniston - Victor Kiriakis
Todd Babcock Todd Babcock - Vin Ramsell
Kyle Brandt Kyle Brandt - Philip Kiriakis
Gerald Brodin Gerald Brodin - Cop #1
Lorenzo Caccialanza Lorenzo Caccialanza - Nico
Bryan Dattilo Bryan Dattilo - Lucas Roberts
John Dickson John Dickson - David Evans
Deidre Hall Deidre Hall - Dr. Marlena Evans Black
Renée Jones Renée Jones - Lexie Carver
Lauren Koslow Lauren Koslow - Kate Roberts
Kyle Lowder Kyle Lowder - Brady Black
Ryan Scott Ryan Scott - Harold Wentworth
Kirsten Storms Kirsten Storms - Belle Black
Josh Taylor Josh Taylor - Roman Brady
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