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Forced to kill a woman, Johnny is granted the opportunity to live two lives, one in which he kills her and the other where he attempts to save her.
Forced to kill a woman, Johnny is granted the opportunity to live two lives, one in which he kills her and the other where he attempts to save her.

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When the film was launched, Deepak Tijori was directing the film and Muzamil Ibrahim was the lead actor. He was later dropped from the film due to his poor attitude. He kept suggesting changes in his character.Deepak Tijori was the next to exit the film.Thats when Shivam Nair and Kunal Khemu came on board.

At one point the film was titled " This and That" But producer Vikram Bhatt decided to retain the same title.

producer Vikram Bhatt has done a cameo in the movie. He played the role of Jin.

Mandana karimi's debut movie

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    • Author: Leceri
    The movie was OK with good performance by kunal. It was edited very badly. They could have made it a more tight thriller by deleting songs. The lead female cannot act and doesn't look good. In fact the chick in the song mummy daddy was more erotically hot with her looks and moves and different hair styles. The action sequences were good. They could have added more park-our stunts. Sometimes I just watch movies for park-our stunts. Remember the movie KIDNAP of sanjay dutt and imran khan, had the best park-our chase in bollywood history till date. I have yet to see tiger shroffs heropanti for its park-our. My friend suggested it. Coming back to the movie -spoilers ahead, why the hell to encourage superstition. They should have not added the jinn theory. It looks too comical and fantasy. The genre is not stating the film is fantasy. They should have made it more psychologically like Jacobs ladder. Or supernatural like the 2008 the Abandoned, Russian film with beautiful cinematography. No spoilers - I enjoyed the movie but got bored with the songs.
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    • Author: Gandree
    Its new story for Indian movie... Few songs could have been avoided for making it better. Over all its good one time watch for sure. I am surprised this movie failed to register at box-office. Its definitely one of the better movies release in calendar year. Not at all bad, how some other reviewers gave less than 5 star, it actually deserves 7 average, but giving 9 just to compensate the scale... Its movie you will choose without expectation, and you don't regret the time you invested in it for entertainment. Acting : 7/10 (most of crew did justice, not extra-ordinary but convincing). Story: 9/10 (this is unexpected surprise from the movie, which you will be expecting ordinary and it comes with extra-ordinary stuff). Direction: 6/10 (not bad, not excellent). Action : 8/10 (better for low budget film).
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    • Author: Molace
    Bhaag Johnny the name of the movie and the star cast does not seem to be convincing to catch the audience to the theaters. Kunal the lead gets caught by her sexy boss (Manasi Scott) reg some goof up in the office and she tells her to spare him if he kills some girl( Zoya Morani) in the process he gets help of a Djin (Vikram Bhatt) who gives him the option to live 2 lives and Kunal aka Johnny can decide which way he wants to go.... Sounds Interesting. Yes! this is the story of Bhaag Johnny. But the movie falls flat due to poor direction. The director is not able to create the tension and the suspense which is demanded and makes it boring for the audience.

    Why the hell will somebody who has the police and the entire bunch of people after him have the audacity and the time to romance & sing songs kiddish !.... ( Urgency and the build up tension is missing)

    Saving grace of the movie is Mansai Scott as a shrewd Boss. Kunal Sparkles on and off but he has a long way to go as he is not playing a child character any more.

    Bottom line....... The movie could have been better if the character's could have added some more weight. The Thriller and the suspense element of the movie is completely useless so, u will wonder whether you have watched a Thriller, Suspense, Romantic or a Fantasy movie...
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    • Author: Kulwes
    Saw this flick some days ago just out of curiosity for low IMDb ratings, and of course for the leading man himself, Kunal Khemu. He has been giving some really edgy and solid performances (Go Goa Gone).

    For people reading this,don't ever give in to low IMDb ratings...this is a highly excellent movie with just the required amount of twists and turns,though you need to follow the parallel plots at the same time.I won't give in the plot details,just that the protagonist gets a chance to lead 2 lives simultaneously - based on a pivotal decision.

    Kunal gives yet another good performance,ably supported by the ladies.The only weak point here could be the two romantic songs "Kinna Sona" and "Iss Qadar", which get included at the wrong points (but are good songs nevertheless).

    Go for's worth the watch.
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    • Author: Madi
    'Bhaag Johnny' rides on a interesting premise, but the execution is plain average. Despite a few thrills & a leading man who delivers, this thriller is shunned down by erratic Writing & unwanted Songs.

    'Bhaag Johnny' Synopsis: Johnny is asked by his Screwed boss, to kill an innocent girl. A Genie, however, gives Johnny, the opportunity to live two lives, one being in which he kills the girl & the other in which he doesn't. Chaos follows...

    'Bhaag Johnny' doesn't make much use of its promising premise. Once the protagonist starts living both the lives, the excitement & the pacing one expects from the narrative, is mostly missing. However, the action-sequences are expertly done & some sequences, particularly in the film's last half, hold your attention. Also, there are too many songs in the goings-on, which honestly, add nothing to the story. They needed to be chopped off!

    The Screenplay is exciting, but in parts. Stronger Writing was needed here! Shivam Nair's Direction is alright. Cinematography captures the exotic locales of Thailand, nicely. Editing needed to be crisper. Music by Various Artists is good, but in the film, they appear forced.

    Performance-Wise: Kunal Khemu is a terrific actor & he pitches in a dependable performance, yet again! As Johnny, the torn protagonist, the actor expresses naturally & excels in the action bits. Zoa Morani is barely convincing. Mandana Karimi, (Who's in Bigg Boss now), is ordinary. Manasi Scott shines as the vamp. Mukul Dev is wasted. Ditto for Vikram Bhatt.

    On the whole, 'Bhaag Johnny' utilizes only half of its potential.
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    • Author: IWantYou
    It's really strange to see that even in this new small world connected through the worldwide web, we still get to see the same 'old school' lousy films made on some badly written scripts not doing any kind of justice to its borrowed plot. And the trend continues with another highly inspired film called BHAAG JOHNY that even has its title strongly indicating towards its original source. However keeping the 'inspired from' revelation for the last, here is the reason why BHAAG JOHNY doesn't work despite having an interesting subject wherein the main protagonist is given an option to live the next few days of his life in two different ways and then decide which way he wishes to go with after a while. The film begins on a surprising note with the mention of 'Black Magic' and 'Tantra Vidya'that raises your curiosity level at once thinking how they are going to bring in these elements into the experimental storyline of a film set in the foreign land. But sadly what happens next post these not so bad opening 10 minutes and a catchy party song, turns out to be nothing exciting enough as per the expectations raised. And further all forced in romance and love- songs simply ruin its innovative plot of showcasing 'two lives of the same man' quite brutally. In simple terms, the major reason why BHAAG JOHNY fails miserably in its execution is that instead of tackling the two versions of the tense situation individually (in separate narrations), director Shivamm Nair chooses to run both simultaneously which actually becomes meaningless as well as confusing for the viewers. So we have the hero killing a young girl in one scene and saving her too in the next edited together resulting in some weird complications that could have been avoided.

    Secondly the film once again has the usual deliberate romance and love songs thrown in so vaguely that you feel like laughing at the couple emoting on a nice track. As a matter of fact, if not for their movies, our directors really deserve the 'most reputed award' for the courage with which they insert a love song just anywhere in the film even when the so called couple doesn't know each other while running away from some goons saving their individual lives. Lastly leaving big loopholes in almost every badly written twist, the biggest awful surprise in the film comes with the writer- director Vikram Bhatt playing the cameo of a 'Jinn' (a friendly ghost) who gives the power to our hero to live two lives for a few days and then make a choice. God Knows what made Vikram do this strange cameo? May be a supporting actor couldn't report in time and they got an opportunity to save their time and money both roping him in.

    Regarding the performances, Kunal Khemu sincerely tries his best to play the two lives, but doesn't get any help either from the script or from the three ladies namely Manasi Scott, Zoa Morani & Mandana Karimi, who are strictly okay in their respective portrayals (with Zoa scoring the least). Mukul Dev is once again wasted as a long haired police officer exactly similar to his role in MEERUTHIYA GANGSTERS and Vikram Bhatt's strange cameo has already been discussed above. Cinematography keeps trying to give it a fresh look capturing the foreign locales along with some good action, but an average editing fails to create the thrill, basically due to the faulty narrative followed by its captain of the ship.

    In all, there are only two decent features going in favour of BHAAG JOHNY. One is its background score that catches your attention repeatedly and second are the two good tracks as 'Daddy Mummy' and 'Iss Qadar Pyar Hai' giving you some kind of relief in those two hours. Apart from that its simply another of those inspired films that fail to rightly grasp their borrowed theme.

    Coming to the original film the inspiration has been taken from, its Germany's RUN LOLA RUN (1998) and its influence can also be seen in the title i.e BHAAG JOHNY. Apart from that if you are really interested in this particular innovative theme then do watch GROUNDHOG DAY (1993) and MELINDA AND MELINDA (2004) too along with the German film and thank the makers of BHAAG JOHNY for making you see some well-made classics of the World Cinema.
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    • Author: Spilberg
    This movie could have been narrated better by better direction and screenplay. Let's start with why did not people go in the theater to watch it, in order of high-low factors.

    1)Bad Marketing - Movie was marketed as if it was the story of a Casanova.

    2)Wrong choice of actresses - Three girls who play their roles in the story did not know how to act.

    3)Bad Direction - Poor direction. It could have improved at particular parts and improve the film.

    4)Unnecessary songs - Songs look forced, especially "Iss Qadar Pyaar Hai" which were added for marketing purposes.

    Things which were good in the movie.

    1)The story.

    2)Kunal Khemu's acting, action, expressions, clothes, hair.
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    • Author: Bloodhammer
    If any Indian didn't like means that s/he likes typical Bollywood Masala.

    This movie idea is inspired by Run Lola Run....Well the best part is that it is known as inspiration not copy....Its purely original and at the times ...far excellent than Run Lola Run.......

    This should be at-least 8+ on IMDb.

    The very original idea tells you about the possibility to live 2 lives at one time. Thereafter, you need to make real choice out of that. The movie never said that a good is always good in fact in between you will conclude that bad way is the leading way.

    Due to human values, our protagonist chooses the good way and then movie gets just 0.01% weak.

    Again a very good masterpiece from India, flopped due to poor marketing like Horror Story.

    One should make an assumption from now onwards that any movie which has Vikram Bhatt's name in production or direction or writing can never be missed.

    Everyone should watch it.
  • Credited cast:
    Kunal Khemu Kunal Khemu - Janardhan Arora / Johnny
    Zoa Morani Zoa Morani - Tanya
    Mandana Karimi Mandana Karimi - Rachel
    Manasi Scott Manasi Scott - Ramona Baxi
    Mukul Dev Mukul Dev - ACP Pathan
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Arun Bali Arun Bali - Acharyaji
    Vikram Bhatt Vikram Bhatt - Jinn
    Bikramjeet Kanwarpal Bikramjeet Kanwarpal - Third Eye Detective (as Major Bikramjeet Singh)
    Mohan Kapoor Mohan Kapoor - Tanya's Boss
    Asseem Merchant Asseem Merchant - Mr. Nobody
    Gyan Prakash Gyan Prakash - Tanya's Father
    Urvashi Rautela Urvashi Rautela - Dancer in 'Daddy Mummy' song
    Deana Uppal Deana Uppal - Special Appreance song - Ankhon Ankhon
    Nishigandha Wad Nishigandha Wad - Sabitri Arora
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