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After a sudden attack on the MI5, Johnny English, Britain's most confident yet unintelligent spy, becomes Britain's only spy.
Rowan plays the eponymous lead character in a spoof spy thriller. During the course of the story we follow our hero as he attempts to single-handedly save the country from falling into the hands of a despot.

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The car that Johnny English uses is an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage which is actually Rowan Atkinson's own car.

In the Sushi Bar scene, when Johnny English and Agent Lorna were toasting, Johnny said a sentence in Japanese which subtitled into English as "May all your daughters be born with three bottoms". What he actually said in Japanese was "Kimi no musumesan-tachi ni chiisai chinchin ga tsuitemasu you ni", which literally means "May all your daughters have small penises".

The first scene showing Johnny English in his office, just after the dream intro sequence, Rowan Atkinson is wearing the classic 'Mr Bean' outfit.

The Johnny English character is based on a cowardly, incompetent spy played by Rowan Atkinson who first appeared in a series of television commercials for Barclaycard, with his assistant Bough (then played by Henry Naylor). The "poison dart pen" sequence is based on a scene in the commercials where Johnny shoots himself in the leg with the pen.

Two of the writers of the screenplay (Neal Purvis and Robert Wade) also worked on six James Bond films: 007: Liiga kitsas maailm (1999), 007: Surra veel üks päev (2002), 007: Casino Royale (2006), 007: Veidi lohutust (2008), 007: Skyfall (2012) and 007: Spectre (2015).

Rowan Atkinson later admitted that he was dissatisfied with the film, describing it as "five good jokes and a lot of longueurs".

The parachute drop was filmed at Canary Wharf, London.

Natalie Imbruglia's feature film debut.

John Malkovich, who plays the Frenchman Pascal Sauvage, is actually fluent in French, having spent nearly 10 years working in a theater in Southern France.

At one point, English mentions a singing technique to find his way through a darkness, which he states has to be in E-flat. Although the first note he sings is a B-flat, he is actually singing in the key of E-flat.

The Chinese title of this film literally translates into "Mr. Bean (or 'silly bean' as he's called in Chinese) Becomes a Secret Agent". In Brazilian Portuguese it's "Mr. Bean - Um Agente Muito Louco" (a very crazy agent).

The film is based on a series of Barclaycard adverts featuring Rowan Atkinson as an unnamed incompetent spy and Henry Naylor as his sidekick Bough.

The film has been considered by a few to be a remake or updated version of Palja relvaga (1988). In both films, the main protagonists Frank Drebin, a incompetent police officer and Johnny English, a incompetent spy both become suspicious of the film's main antagonists, Vincent Ludwig, a respected businessman and Pasqual Sauvage, a French businessman, when Frank's partner Officer Nordberg is gunned down and the Crown Jewels are stolen and in both films, Frank and Johnny both discover that Ludwig and Sauvage are criminals and they uncover their schemes which both concern Queen Elizabeth.

There is a scene in which 'Rowan Atkinson' (q) plays the part of Baron De Witt, a crazy man who was in line for the throne of England ahead of Pascal Savauge, however this scene was cut from the movie. It can be viewed in the deleted scenes on the DVD Special Features menu.

On the Blu-ray release in the deleted scenes there is a cut in the scene where Sauvage assassinated the Colonel, in a lift disposal unit, in which the flames and the Colonel screaming, which was in the original DVD release, was removed but it is still implied that he was burned to ashes.

The traffic camera shot indications are : Date 21st March 2003. Time 11.36 AM. Speed 63 MPH.

Ben Millar starred with Rowan Atkinson in Mr Bean: Funeral in 2015

Knowing that Johnny English is allegedly based on his character from a series of Barclay's Bank Barclaycard adverts, originally produced for the UK banking market, does give the film a strange air of an extended advert, or a big-budget Corporate Video for the Bank, or a sponsored movie like "Mac & Me". Alternatively, viewers may wish to follow a fan theory that Johnny English may actually be Rowan Atkinson's "Small-Fawcett" character from "Never Say Never Again", later in his British Intelligence career, with a name change within the same story universe.

Bond: the band playing in the background at Sauvage's party.

Peter Howitt: The man that Bough threatens to play the DVD at the crowning ceremony.

Pegasus's (Tim Pigott-Smith) real name is never revealed. In the following film "Johnny English Reborn", the real name of the new Pegasus (Gillian Anderson is revealed as Pamela Thornton.

In this film, Rowan Atkinson's character publicly humiliates the Archbishop of Canterbury. In The Black Adder: The Archbishop (1983), Atkinson's character becomes the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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    • Author: Perdana
    Allthought I wouldn't rate it as a well thought artistic piece of art in the cultural aspect (such as a Kubrick movie, for example) Johnny Enlighs is probably the funniest movie I've ever seen. If you are in the mood for a good laugh out of a not 100% stupid movie, then, only then, its a must see. I saw it a year ago and I still remember Johnny's face and actions. I must admit that really stupid movies make me sometimes angry, this is not that kind of movie that has no sense at all, it has a clear setting, and a great cast (perfect cast if you're talking about Johnny's selection). Probably better than the Mr. Beans, "Johnny English" is a must see for those who laugh easily. Another very important hint: don't watch it alone. Watch it with someone who makes you laugh. The last hint: if you don't laugh, probably Blockbuster® gave you "Lost Highway" instead of "Johnny English", a pretty uncommon mistake.
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    • Author: Stanober
    A clumsy daydreamer by the name of Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson), who works for the Secret Spy Agency. When all the British Top Spies are killed, they asked Johnny to take over the case to investigate a mysterious rich evil french man by the name of Pascal Sauvage (John Malkovich). Johnny's only help is from his loyal partner (Ben Miller) and a beautiful, mysterious spy woman (Natalie Imbruglia) could help bring Sauvage to Justice.

    Directed by Peter Howitt (Anti-Trust, Laws of Attraction, Sliding Doors) made a entertaining comedy that spoofs the films of James Bond and The Naked Gun Trilogy. Atkinson is a delight and Malkovich is at his silliest role to date (He seems to have a real good time in this movie). The film's plot is surprisingly good but you wish, there is more laughs at times. Atkinson's fans won't be disappointed.

    DVD has an sharp anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1) transfer (Also sharp in Pan & Scan transfer) and an good-Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. DVD Extras are Deleted Scenes, Behind the Scenes Featurette and more. Kids will probably enjoy this more than the adults. Written by Neal Purvis (The World is Not Enough), Robert Wade (Die Another Day) and William Davies (Twins). (*** ½/*****).
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    • Author: Rarranere
    Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) is a bureaucratic employee of the British Secret Service, who dreams to be a charming agent. His dreams come true when all the British agents die, due to the lack of security in a funeral where he was the responsible. Johnny English, with the support of his assistant Bough (Ben Miller) and Lorna Campbell (Natalie Imbruglia), fights against the evil Pascal Sauvage (John Malkovitch), a powerful French who wants to be the king of the United Kingdom and transforms England in a great prison for all criminals of the world. This silly story is a very funny parody of 007 movies. Rowan Atkinson is very hilarious, as usual, and it is impossible not laughing with his stupidities. The singer Natalie Imbruglia is very beautiful, the unknown Ben Miller is the efficient assistant of Johnny English, and John Malkovitch, with a ridiculous French accent, complete the funny cast of this comedy. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): `Johnny English'
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    • Author: Faebei
    Silly as hell, but funny as anything! Rowan Atkinson once again shows the world his talents - impeccable comic timing, style, a little bit of cheekiness, and superb acting. This movie is a personal favourite of mine, and I reckon it is perfect to watch anytime you feel low or need some cheering up. The man who brought you Bean (1997), now brings you Johnny English, a parody of James Bond. I loved Bean, and I love this one just as much, if not more. Ignore the pathetic critics that rate this as crap, because it most certainly isn't. It is a piece of comedy that you will not regret seeing - I recommend this to anyone. Heck, even my grandmother liked it! (And that's saying something)

    Seriously, if you haven't watched this, you really need to.
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    • Author: Nten
    Johnny English starts off a little bit like Bean: For some reason, wildly constructed, Rowan Atkinson ends up in a position that is far beyond his capabilities. Where Bean turns from Museum Guard to Museum curator impersonator, Johnny English turns from male Monneypenny-alike mission planner to James Bond replacement.

    Sort of.

    In a Bean kind of way, of course. Now that is where comparison with Bean should stop: Johnny English talks, for one thing, and doesn't just gesticulate around like a bit of a moron. And while he still causes a lot of trouble and shines in his incompetence, he manages to be far more charming and far less annoying than Mr Bean is in a 90 minute movie. Expect lots of visual humour, but also the odd moment of funny dialogue (the "making love" dialogue scene is quite hilarious)

    The plot is standard Bond fare: A French tycoon is up to no good, stealing crown jewels and trying to become king of.... England, oddly enough. There is a Bond girl, played by Natalie Imbruglia and sharing more similarities with Sophie Yeoh's butt-kicking bond girl than with the more traditional damsel in distress. But unfortunately, there is no equivalent to Q, nor to M and the movie is a bit too much of a one-man show.

    How does it fare then? On the laughter front it was quite satisfying, easily outmanoeuvering the once-too-often repeated Austin Powers, putting anything recent by Leslie Nielsen to shame and being an altogether fine Bond spoof. There is lots of slapstick (including the disgusting kind), but the movie manages to be less over the top and closer to Bond than to old National Lampoon / Mel Brooks movies.

    Altogether the movie was pleasantly surprising - better than Bean (which isn't too hard, to be honest) and Austin Powers (although it is a different kind of spoof). Still not brilliant, but a good dose of old-fashioned entertainment. Pity the trailer gave away quite a lot of the best bits.

    Plus, the bad guy was supposedly French, what more could you ask for?
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    • Author: blac wolf
    The talented Rowan Atkinson expands his character from a series of TV adverts shown in the UK in the late 1990's onto the big screen.So does the transfer from two-minute sketches adapt successfully into feature-length narrative? The answer surprisingly is quite well,although the film does have flat spots and gags that somewhat misfire.The plot and incidents that take place are an obvious mixture and borrowing from the NAKED GUN and AUSTIN POWERS series of parodies,but what is refreshing is that the character of Johnny English is mostly free of the occasional mugging that was witnessed in the above films,and also Atkinson's MR BEAN creation,which was of course wordless but did sometimes engage in some rather messy slapstick.There is some messy slapstick here,but Atkinson's interpretation is closer to his greatest comic character of Edmund BLACKADDER,with his sometimes cynical and sarcastic tone,though he has traits of bumbling incompetence like Mr.Bean,though not total idiocy which makes English more sympathetic.A lower budget than the AUSTIN POWERS series means there are fewer elaborate set pieces,but some scenes work very well and there are some witty exchanges of dialogue.There's decent support from Natalie Imbruglia,Ben Miller and Tim Pigott-Smith,but John Malkovich is the most amusing as the villain with his cod French accent.It is encouraging to see a comedy which underplays it's scenes these days,rather than performers shouting and screaming in a desperate bid to force laughter out of an audience.That said,some scenes in the film don't always come off,perhaps because they are understated too much,but the best bits are very funny(especially the final scenes)and further sequels with this character would be most welcome.
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    • Author: Clever
    I wasn't a big fan of Rowan Atkinson and didn't have a lot of expectation out of this film, but it really cracked me up. First of all, you need to understand "Johnny English" is not a British version of "Austin Power". I found "A.P" ridiculous in general and didn't always appreciate their jokes. But Johnny English is one of those better made spy topic comedian films.

    The best approach of watching this movie is to see it without a lot of expectation and I assure you that you will have a good time.
  • comment
    • Author: HappyLove
    Hmm....what can be said about this film? I was amused many places, but the plotlines were so predictable you could tell all the things meant to be funny was about to happen, way before the climax of the amusement took place...sad, very sad....Johnny English is a strange character - he has his moments where he seems a little intelligent and he has a big talent for coming up with excuses, but apart from that, he is immensely stupid - stupid to a point where the fun stops. I know Rowan Atkinson spoke out that English was completely new character of his, but it is NOT - take Mr. Bean, add speaking lines and you've more or less got Johnny English. If he HAD to repeat his old characters, I would much rather see an agent of the Edmund Blackadder caliber! THERE would be something to have fun with!

    I'd say that this is NOT one of Atkinson's better moments, and I actually think the picture is stolen by his agent male partner, of the flick - the rookie (I forget his name). He is toned down a lot but he is the one that made me laugh at several places, amongst others the lines "Are you coming over here in a minute, sir?". Won't spoil anything, but if you've seen the movie you know what I refer to.

    But, if you're an Atkinson fan, like myself, go and see it. It's not horrible, but it's not fabolous either! Around average, nothing more, nothing less..
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    • Author: Sinredeemer
    This is one of those movies peppered with those occasional gut-busting scenes that we have come to expect with a comic actor on the order of Atkinson, but is substantially more full of a lot of disposable humor in the form of English's bumbling; for example, going to the wrong building, going up the "poop shoot," Sauvage's coronation (which is probably the best/worst example of this) etc. It comes across as strained and ultimately worthless for comic effect. I despise the kind of humor that is stretched much too far to be funny. It is so telegraphed that mid-way through the movie you can invariably anticipate exactly WHAT he is bumbling into and whatever vague humor it had is butchered. It becomes excruciating.

    I would, however, enjoy seeing this turn into a screen franchise for Atkinson--IF (and this is a big IF) they give him a solid screenplay to work with. The plot and characters were all fine--even Malkovich's purposefully ridiculous French accent (and clearly John M. is slumming for a few bucks in this one)--but the movie lacked vaguely consistent humor. The bumbling James Bond-ish character is a one-noter--Atkinson would be funnier in funny SITUATIONS (I daresay mini-"Bean"-type scenes peppered throughout the movie) that are not strained to reveal merely how bumbling and stupid he can be (yes, by 15 minutes into the movie we GET how bumbling English is - don't spend the entire movie explaining it to us again and again).

    Comedy is tough to write and tougher to execute on - but Atkinson has the chops to handle it. He just needs the right material. There were a few gem moments and enough "chuckle humor" to make this a worthy rental. Imbruglia is respectable as his female counterpart -- and none too tough on the eyes. She could be an excellent female lead in a franchise.
  • comment
    • Author: Erienan
    It's not just that the jokes are funnier (there's one explicit poo joke, which is one too many, but still: it's just the one) or that Rowan Atkinson is a far better performer than Mike Myers, or anything comparatively trivial like that. No. The real difference is that "Johnny English" has its heart in the right place. Part of this difference is the fact that it has a heart at all.

    English, unlike Powers, is not just a blank space in which the screenwriters can insert gags. He's a character. And there's more to the character than just clumsiness and pomposity. English is endearing because he's manifestly no fool. We know more than he knows, we see the banana skin immediately in front of his feet which he invariably fails to see, and in a way it's his fault he fails to see it himself, but his failure to see it is always something other than a failure of intelligence. He's easy enough to humiliate but, for some reason, hard to hoodwink. It's refreshing, too, that we're allowed to feel for him - when, for instance, he's dismissed from the case. We see Johnny English being devastated, not Rowan Atkinson trying to be funny.

    Sure, it's not what it could have been. It's funny without being brilliantly so, and the satire (what there is of it) is on the blunt side. But these merely negative failings aren't enough to kill a film. Its biggest problem may be bad timing. When the script was being written, the anti-French sentiment must have seemed quaint and amusing, harmless because unreal; nobody could have predicted, surely, the sickening wave of hatred (the fact that it was all planned by the likes of Rupert Murdoch does not, alas, make the hatred any less real) that was shortly to sweep over the English-speaking world. Any joke about the French now has a sour taste at best.
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    • Author: Moonworm
    This James Bond spoof, headed by British comedian Rowan Atkinson, was okay....a fair amount of laughs but not enough to add this film to my collection. Atkinson reminded me a bit of Benny Hill, a more famous English comedian who also doesn't speak much but lets his actions and facial expressions garner his laughs. Both are likable guys.

    John Malkovich plays a Frechman here and his accent is pretty good. He seems to be always playing strange roles.

    There really isn't a whole lot to say about this film. Except for a very funny toilet scenes, much of it isn't that memorable. Just a lightweight hour-and-a-half of entertainment.
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    • Author: just one girl
    JOHNNY English is a comedy, pure and simple. It makes no pretensions to complexity, beauty or scriptwriting prowess, but is entirely devoted to the entertainment of the viewer. Such comedies are becoming increasingly rare nowadays, and this fine example deserves all the accolades it receives.

    Rowan Atkinson rules the screen in his customary manner as Johnny English, a bumbling British bureaucrat who is transferred to MI5 after unwillingly causing the death of one of its top agents. Assisted by a beautiful and sassy Interpol officer (Natalie Imbruglia), he does battle with Pascal Sauvage (John Malkovich), a nasty French business tycoon who has his eyes on the British crown. This is a unique performance from Atkinson, meshing the best comedic attributes of his best known characters into a coherent whole. Johnny English has all the rib-tickling sardonic wit of Blackadder and the unpredictable slapstick skill of Mr. Bean, and comedy fans of all tastes are sure to find something to their liking in this character.

    Aussie songbird Natalie Imbruglia, however, proves that she's a much better musician than an actress. She's not bad, but she fails to reach the high threshold set by her co-stars. I have not seen any of her other films, so I don't know whether this is a reflection of her skills, or whether she was simply miscast. Regardless, her incongruous performance detracts from the dialogue somewhat, leaving the movie feeling a little unbalanced. She looks great, though!

    "Mad" John Malkovich is characteristically quirky and extremely convincing as the villain - his French accent has improved out of sight since THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK. Providing a good background performance is Ben Miller as English's sidekick Bough, his consistent, pervasive dry humour a good foil to Atkinson's exuberance.

    JOHNNY English requires no particular attitude or mindset whatsoever. It is a comedy, pure and simple, and an excellent one at that. 9/10.
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    • Author: Malara
    Amusing moments along with embarrassing in this first entry about secret agent Johnny English with a likable Rowan Atkinson , role of the accidental spy who doesn't know fear or danger in this comedy spy-thriller . In his initial adventure, the most unlikely intelligence officer in Her Majesty's Secret Service must stop a group of international conspirators led by a mean French (John Malkovich) before they eliminate the monarch of England and cause global chaos on the Great Britain . Johnny English, a British secret agent who dreams of rising beyond his menial job within the MI-7 organization, is hired to protect the Crown Jewels after all the other agents are bumped off. When the jewels are stolen, he eventually uncovers a plot to replace England's Queen with what the British fear the most : a French monarch . And since her nation has such close ties to France , Pegasus (Tim Piggot Smith) head of MI7 instructs secret agent Johnny English to retrieve the robbed crown jewels and directing the investigation. On the way he runs into the suspects . With one shot at redemption, he must employ the latest in hi-tech gadgets to unravel a web of conspiracy that runs throughout a ambitious French successor . With mere days until a coronation , one man must use every trick in his playbook to protect us all. For Johnny English, disaster may be an option, but failure never is.

    This first installment is a passable and average comedy because the formula is well known with 'The Pink Panther' series. It stars clumsy Rowan Atkinson as one man show accompanied by a sympathetic Ben Miller .¨ Johnny English¨ release was the first part of series as the inept and bungler secret agent from MI-7 . The movie gets entertaining and hilarious moments here and there. This slapstick picture contains amusing , funny scenes , fresh and diverting moments but also flaws and gaps . Rowan Atkinson steals the show parodying the ordinary international secret agent , James Bond-alike , including his ordinary faces , grimaces and gestures . Appears as secondaries some prestigious British actors as Tim Piggot Smith , Ben Miller , Kevin McNally and two gorgeous women as Tasha De Vasconcelos and Natalie Imbruglia . The actors seem to enjoy themselves immensely giving funny interpretations . Lively and atmospheric music by Ed Shearmur . Colorful and glimmer cinematography by Remi Adefarasin . The film is regularly penned and directed by Peter Howitt . Several chuckles and gags , the result of which is one acceptable first entry . The flick will appeal to Rowan Atkinson fans who plays stunningly the highly unorthodox agent.

    Followed by ¨Johnny English Reborn¨ (original title) that maintains the slapstick franchise with Rowan Atkinson , Gillian Amstrong , Rosamund Pike , Dominic West and directed by Oliver Parker . Johnny is back in action and returns to the role of the accidental secret agent who doesn't know fear or danger in the comedy spy-thriller 'Johnny English Reborn' . In the years since MI-7's top spy vanished off the grid, he has been honing his unique skills in a remote region of Asia , now that the world needs him once again, Johnny English goes into the action .
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    • Author: Mr_NiCkNaMe
    If ever there was an award for "Best Film Based On A Barclaycard Commercial" then surely this would win hands-down. Sadly, there isn't but before the idea has time to sink in, it would be a shame to totally dismiss this film as a pointless, shameless cash-in. While it is rarely gut-bustingly funny, there are still plenty of reasons why this film is so much better than Rowan Atkinson's more famous creation, "Bean". Just remember not to take it too seriously and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

    Atkinson plays MI7 agent Johnny English, a bumbling spy in the Inspector Clouseau mould who dreams of being just like James Bond. When he is suddenly promoted, his first task is to guard the recently renovated crown jewels but to his horror, they are stolen. English suspects that "greedy Frenchman" Pascal Sauvage (John Malkovich) is behind the theft and working alongside his trusty sidekick Bough (Ben Miller) and beautiful Lorna Campbell (Natalie Imbruglia), English battles his superiors and his incompetence in order to bring Sauvage's schemes to a halt.

    It isn't exactly difficult to spoof a spy film - even "Die Another Day" had a good chuckle at itself - but Atkinson's rubber-faced idiot takes things into straight-up slapstick and it works. Atkinson really knows how to deliver an out-standing comic performance as anyone who has seen the TV show "Blackadder" will testify. It's not quite to those giddy heights but "Johnny English" is a perfectly good platform for his particular brand of chaos. Opposite, Malkovich hams it up as the villain but he gives the impression that this film is somehow beneath him. As for Imbruglia, it's safe to say that she looks and sings better than she acts but given that the last substantial acting part she had was in the Aussie soap "Neighbours" a decade earlier, perhaps it's not that surprising. The plot is rather weak, it has to be said, but "Johnny English" is not to be taken seriously. It's a funny, silly film that is a great time-passer but not exactly one that stays with you.

    While it isn't exactly difficult, "Johnny English" is a much funnier film than Atkinson's previous outing "Bean". Instead of the silent, gurning fool, English is a genuinely funny character cursed by his own incompetence and yet somehow oblivious to it. It's not the biggest or best film of its type but it is a fine alternative to the Austin Powers films. It also feels made for an audience beyond the UK, a suspicion backed by a claim by a Bulgarian bartender I once worked with that this was the funniest film he'd ever seen. I wouldn't go that far but you could certainly do much worse than "Johnny English". Trust me, it's far funnier than the forth-coming "Capital One movie" in production...*

    *Not actually in production, thank God
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    • Author: Steel_Blade
    The critics were unkind to this and I got the impression it was down to two reasons:

    1 ) The character Johnny English is based on a character that appeared on credit card adverts in the early 1990s . you get the gut instinct that character development isn't something that applies to characters appearing in adverts

    2 ) Bond spoofs are old hat and weren't all that funny in the first place

    So I was sat there at Christmas thinking I'd be watching something with all the appeal of 37 day old turkey sandwiches but I was fairly impressed . Okay I wasn't rolling around the floor with tears streaming down my face but I've always liked Rowan Atkinson's arrogant portrayal of Edmund Blackadder and the character of Johhny English is just as similar to Blackadder as it is to Mr Bean . I will grant you the jokes are hit and miss or predictable like the scene where English infiltrates the villains HQ and finds an old man :

    " What did they do to you ? "

    " They took some of my blood "

    " The [email protected] "

    Of course you can see the pay off long before it appears but that still doesn't stop it from being amusing when it does

    No doubt a lot of pretentious John Malkovich fans were left stratching their heads wondering why he was slumming it in JOHNNY English but if you've enjoyed anything Rowan Atkinson has been in you'll certainly find this comedy very watchable
  • comment
    • Author: Shakataxe
    After Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) is put in charge of security at a gathering for all the British secret agents, things go badly wrong and he is suddenly the last of his profession left alive. When the crown jewels are mysteriously stolen, he and his sidekick, Bough (Ben Miller) must investigate. The prime suspects are the French entrepreneur (John Malkovich) and the beautiful Lorna Campbell (Natalie Imbruglia), he must find the guilty party and save the nation's pride.

    Rowan Atkinson is simply funny by design, it doesn't seem to matter what role he has to play, or what script he has to deliver; he just always entertains. Malkovich clearly enjoyed his role as the evil villain, and delivered a typically great portrayal; albeit as a very shallow character, and finally Natalie Imbruglia does a great job of looking sexy throughout.

    Full of sustained and silly humour, this spy spoof is pretty good entertainment, and should satisfy most Rowan Atkinson fans adequately.

  • comment
    • Author: Dugor
    For me, a long time 'Mr. Bean' fan, I was very happy to see 'Mr. Bean' in another film. I haven't seen all of Rowan's (not sure about the spelling) films. I've seen 'Rat Race' and I think he did an amazing job on that one.

    This movie is one of my favorites. I could watch it again and again. Also, it's a family movie, so I can watch it with my GRANDMA!

    It's an English film so I, an American, was happy to see that they weren't making the 'bad guy' an American but yet a Frenchman.

    I loved all the secondary actors's and actress's work too, especially Nat's.

    I think this movie has lots of funny parts that one will just laugh out loud at. I honestly don't have a favorite part simply because all of the scenes are so funny.

    And I absolutely LOVE the theme song! lol

    This is an excellent movie that pokes fun at 007 and at life itself. I give it 5 stars! ;)
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    • Author: Otrytrerl
    Johnny English is a great comedy that makes fun of virtually every aspect of super spy thrillers, from the car to the female secret agent who eventually falls in love with the protagonist. The movie concocts a ludicrous plot as a vehicle for the gags that will ensue, and it integrates these gags into the plot quite well. They got the right man for the job, too. Rowan Atkinson is excellent at portraying the completely incompetent Johnny English, who's sidekick, Boff is actually a better agent than he is. Yes I know, the whole sidekick-better-than-hero thing has been used before, but without Boff, the plot probably would have never advanced because English fumbles literally EVERYTHING he does on assignment. So Boff is to just move the film along while English's job in this film is to provide the laughter.

    One of the things that makes Johnny English such a great spy spoof is because the character himself, at first glance, looks and acts like he's a real secret agent, unlike Austin Powers who looks and behaves like an idiot. English is serious about doing his job, and very confident that he's the best, which is why when he screws up everything its hilarious to see how he reacts and tries to correct his mistakes. One great part is (Spoilers) how he never, ever fires his gun because everytime he does, it breaks! The mood of one of those scenes is great. English is being fired at by a thug, and this fast, action packed music plays. The whole thing plays out like your standard hollywood gunfight, then when English leans out to fire, the top slide of his gun falls off, yet the action music keeps playing.(End of spoiler)

    Another excellent aspect of Johnny English is how many of the gags carry over in several scenes. This means that a lot of the gags in the movie don't just come and go; they will have some significance later in the movie that will add to the hilarity. Finally, Johnny English is also an excellent comedy because it never has to rely on sex jokes, which in many films these days, are not so subtle because they're so effortlessly made, yet they make the general audience roar with laughter. Johnny English uses some clever, original jokes that are extremely funny. Many will not like this film because it lacks sex jokes, and will simply dismiss it as being corny (which is ridiculous), but if you like a great spy spoof starring Mr. Bean himself, this is truly excellent.
  • comment
    • Author: Honeirsil
    There is very little to enjoy in this wannabe spy spoof 'Johnny English'. With barely a couple of laughs, the material simply isn't there to sustain a feature length film. Rowan Atkinson tries hard, but the screen play badly lets him down. There's just one funny scene, involving a dentist's anesthetic (naturally lifted from the old TV series 'Mr Bean'). The normally reliable John Malkovich is horrible. His cheesy French accent won't make anyone laugh. There may be some sporadic humor for kids, but adults should simply FF their way through the DVD.

    Overall 3/10
  • comment
    • Author: NI_Rak
    Well, I think my One Line Summary says it all really. Johnny English is one of the best British Modern Comedies to be made in a long time. While not very original, the movie takes the material that made Mr. Bean and James Bond so good, and combined them into a 90 minute comedy that never once fails to impress.

    But what made this film so successful? Firstly, one has to admire Rowan Atkinson's talent. He keeps this movie together and stops it from becoming tiring and tedious. He is probably one of the best actors in the United Kingdom. I applaud his performance. I did enjoy the performances of the rest of the other cast too. It was nice to see different actors and actresses play lead roles rather than casting the same faces over and over. Secondly, the set pieces were superb. * SPOILERS * The truck chase was very original, the scene in the Hospital and the Crowning Ceremony had me in stitches! I must also mention the musical score. While I am not a huge fan of Robbie Williams, his theme song "A Man For All Seasons" did suit the movie very well. The rest of the score, composed by Edward Shearmur, was very exciting. It was nice to see a contrast in tempos. For example, the truck chase action score was very upbeat and exciting, while the love theme was a beautiful swing in Waltz time. I look forward to hearing some more of his work in the near future.

    So, how about a sequel? As much as I would like to see one, I think it is better all round that one is not made. If more are produced, I can see the Johnny English character slowly fading from our minds as a character who was once very funny and enjoyable to watch. Please don't go down the same road as Austin Powers!

    As a last note, I recommend you do see this movie. Fans of Rowan Atkinson and James Bond will go mental for it, as will all comedy lovers!

    And remember, the name is English - Johnny English. A Bloody Mary please, not too spicy!
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    • Author: Justie
    God this was a terrible movie. I can't believe that some people actually found it or even bits of it funny. I was just plain embarrassed and I was cringing throughout the whole thing.

    It's no wonder Rowan Atkinson had some sort of nervous breakdown after this came out. He probably realised that he was largely responsible for creating one of the worst movies in cinematic history. He was not funny in any way. He wasn't cool in any way. His whole performance I felt was very laboured and forced and unoriginal and stupid and just whatever...

    Natalie Imbruglia will never act in another movie ever again, I promise. She's easy on the eye and I think she's a great singer but she should never act again. I felt so weird watching her supposedly falling "in love" with Rowan Atkinson. That was just absurd and totally unconvincing.

    I have no idea what John Malkovic, one of the greatest actors of the 21st century, was thinking. Why would he agree to play some sort of aristocratic billionare french retard? Why would he put on that insane accent? why? Why? WHY? I rate it 1 out of a million.
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    • Author: 6snake6
    Rowan Atkinson stars in a film version of a spy he portrayed in a load of adverts for a credit card in the 1990s, and, as those brief ads were quite entertaining, one would think that this would undeniably translate well into a film. What a shame that it ultimately turned out to be a missed opportunity. Actually, that's a big understatement, as we shall see...

    Atkinson plays Johnny English, the secret agent assigned to prevent anyone

    from stealing the Crown Jewels. Unfortunately, being him, and this being a

    comedy, he stuffs up in spectacular fashion and the jewels disappear. His only real assistance comes from Bough (Ben Miller) and Interpol agent Lorna

    Campbell (Natalie Imbruglia). But can they catch prime suspect Frenchman

    Pascal Sauvage (John Malkovich) and foil his plans?

    OK, that's basic plot out of the way. And I do mean 'basic' -- and that's being generous.

    'Johnny English' really is a pretty lame effort, and you wonder what kind of

    substances the makers were taking when a potentially great idea is reduced to juvenile and/or predictable humour. The sight gags and so forth can be seen a mile off, and the over-use of jokes about bottoms and poo really do not endear grown-ups to this (in fact, when I saw this in the cinema I don't think I heard even so much as a titter from the adults there). And, to be perfectly honest, I really am getting seriously ticked off with the overused idea of spoof spies practicing martial arts moves whilst doing lame Bruce Lee-style wails; THAT GAG'S BEEN

    DONE TO DEATH! The film is also undeniably racist and I wonder what certain

    countries made of it.

    Not even the title song (sung by the one and only Robbie Williams) can save it from being anything more than dumb. It's not awful, and it's not boring, but it could, and should, have been a lot better than it is.
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    • Author: Laitchai
    I found Johnny English better then anticipated. I heard some bad things about it but it just goes to show that sometimes movie reviews aren't always right. The continuous slapstick comedy kept the movie interesting even in the more "serious scenes." It was little predictable but the anticipation of seeing if you were right and the initial delivery left me roaring. Typical Mr.Bean comedy but it's still classic. Being a huge Malkovich fan, I thought he was so funny as Pascal Sauvage. You gotta love Malkovich in every part he plays. Rowan Atkinson was on his A-game. The timing and the jokes were hilarious. My side was aching after laughing so hard. *SPOILER* Going in a crap shoot to get upstairs into the castle, just the makes me laugh. Anyway i highly recommend this movie if you Mr. Bean.
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    • Author: Steelrunner
    This film is an extension of the Barclaycard ads that Rowan Atkinson made a few years back, and he is here complete with his assistant Bough (well played by Ben Miller). UK viewers will remember some of the gags from the ads which are repeated here (the pen that shoots a dart for instance). However, this is a solid film that gains laughs consistently throughout. It will appeal more to kids than any other type of audience, and many of the laughs are from the slapstick style of Mr Bean than the verbal dexterity of Atkinson's best character, Blackadder. There's nothing really original or different in the way perhaps that there was in, say, Austin Powers 2 to take another Bond spoof as an example, but it's an entertaining hour and a half.
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    • Author: Dainris
    When a bomb kills the main agents of MI7, the only British agent left is the mostly office-based agent Johnny English. His first mission is to protect the Crown Jewels while they are at a gathering organised by friend and relative to the Royal Family, Frenchman Pascal Sauvage. When the jewels are stolen, English and Boff go after the jewels and their main suspect - Sauvage himself (despite the objections of his bosses). Despite his sheer incompetence, English manages to uncover Sauvage's plot to succeed the Queen and take control of England.

    I don't think I really need to explain why I didn't bother to see this at the cinema - the level of humour didn't appeal to me at the time and it simply didn't look like it would be much good. In the mood for a silly spoof I rented this film and sat back happy to let it gently wash over me. However it was a surprise how few laughs there are, even though I was in the mood I still didn't laugh more than twice (and they were silly half-laughs). The jokes are very basic and all basically stem from the idea that if English can do something wrong then he will. This is OK at times, but for the majority of the film it is tiring simply because you know what it is doing and where it is going.

    Needless to say, the plot is daft and pointless but if you didn't know that before you went to see it then you get what you deserve! The silliness wouldn't matter if it was consistently funny but, since it isn't, it just seems even more juvenile than it is (if that's possible). The script tries hard, but it's basic humour is not clever enough to be an effective Bond spoof; the concept is funny but it overdoes the `incompetent' thing way too far and damages the humour it could have had.

    Atkinson may not be playing to the same crowds as he once did with Blackadder but he is still good enough for this material. His 00-Bean act is OK here but he really needs to start doing other roles in the very public way he has done this and Bean. Imbruglia looks good enough to be a Bond girl type but she isn't a very good actress - Neighbours has taught her to be quite deliberate in her delivery and she does that here (although her lines are hardly Shakespeare!). Ben Miller is good in support even if this humour is below his usual standard. Malkovich does an outrageous villain that is quite funny but it would have been better if he played it a little bit more knowingly rather than just spinning wildly like a firework like he is here.

    Overall this is a fairly disappointing film that isn't very funny. It's silly mood and constant pratfalls means it is passable even when there are no laughs, however it'll take a forgiving soul to really enjoy this film as it's lack of laughs just leaves it as an overly silly, repetitive film that is only likeable due to the good hearted nature of it's cast and it's clear (but missed) good intentions.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Rowan Atkinson Rowan Atkinson - Johnny English
    Tasha de Vasconcelos Tasha de Vasconcelos - Countess Alexandra - Exotic Woman
    Ben Miller Ben Miller - Bough, English's Sidekick
    Greg Wise Greg Wise - Agent One
    Douglas McFerran Douglas McFerran - Carlos Vendetta
    Steve Nicolson Steve Nicolson - Dieter Klein
    Terence Harvey Terence Harvey - Official at Funeral
    Kevin McNally Kevin McNally - Prime Minister
    Tim Pigott-Smith Tim Pigott-Smith - Pegasus, Head of MI7
    Nina Young Nina Young - Pegasus' Secretary
    Rowland Davies Rowland Davies - Sir Anthony Chevenix
    Natalie Imbruglia Natalie Imbruglia - Lorna Campbell
    Philippa Fordham Philippa Fordham - Snobby Woman
    John Malkovich John Malkovich - Pascal Sauvage, the Greedy Frenchman
    Tim Berrington Tim Berrington - Roger
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