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A security guard (Vincent Rivera) gets hired to guard an empty mansion until the owner will arrive in the morning. Little does he know, he has been set up as a human sacrifice to placate the various Demons who "live" in the house. Will he survive the shift or will he be a victim ?

Upon closer inspection you will find the house in this film is the same as the one used in the film Insane by the same director also starring the lead actor.

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    • Author: Throw her heart
    Extremely low quality - with no evidence of a budget to speak of. You could probably watch this entire film on fast-forward and not miss anything. That's because there's not much going on here. Action is almost ZERO, and the dialog is VERY unsophisticated and child-like; especially when the main character talks to himself, as if the moviegoer is a child watching a program like Blues Clues.

    To be perfectly honest, watching this movie is like watching porn actors trying to create meaningful dialog. soooo slooooowwww. Hokie as if it were created by 14- year-olds with a camera. No meaningful cinematography, horrible lighting ... just ugh... The fake "evil" laughing... I simply cannot relate to what's considered entertainment these days. So as to not violate the "terms" of this website (which is almost impossible while trying to be honest about this film), I will only say that, with respect to those involved, I'm pretty sure this film won't make anyone's career go in the right direction. I tried so hard to be "nice", but there is simply nothing positive about this "creation"... unless you like soft porn; you get treated to a couple of minutes of that... but you could watch plenty of other good movies to actually enjoy better sex scenes and dialog/action/horror as well. There is no clever twist, and nothing to really "spoil" here; this piece of... "art" does just fine on its own with spoiling your night. The real "horror" here is that this film was actually produced and furnished to the public. Viewer beware!
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    • Author: Wrathshaper
    I'm going to assume everyone who had a hand with this piece of junk are the people that 5 stared this absolute rubbish! Oh my, where to begin! As a person who has a collection of 3,200 horror movies i watch quite a few horror flicks but rarely write reviews myself. But in spite of watching one of the worst movies i've probably seen in the last ten years i had to save a few poor saps from spending money on this absolute piece of crap. Basically we have a 63 minute movie involving a security guard guarding an empty house for the night. From running back and forth through the house to answer a ringing phone at times and hiding in the closet from a supposed unarmed woman and a man in a mask even though the security guard is armed with a loaded gun. I managed to dose off 3 different times during my watch with this movie, finally just to fast forward through the last ten minutes and to toss this movie in the trash can. Couldn't even get myself to add this to my ongoing collection, not even worth it. I'm pretty sure someone and their friends literally made this movie overnight in 8 hours in the comfort of their own home. Oh, and to mention the "supposed" soundtrack, which i caught one song at the beginning of the movie.... and then.... where was the rest? Honestly who cares though, this movie was GARBAGE! All you horror movie fans, you've been warned!
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    • Author: Yla
    Another day, another indie horror film. This one's set in an empty mansion at night and follows a security guard as he wanders the building, checking on the security. The whole thing is shot with a blue filter which gives it quite an interesting look, but the lack of incident really hurts it and leads me to believe that it would have worked better as a short film. Towards the end there's an explicit sex scene and a twist ending which is suitably horrific, but despite some suspense and atmosphere it's just too slow to be a successful movie.
  • Credited cast:
    Sadie Katz Sadie Katz - Carrie
    Greg Maness Greg Maness - The Master (as Greg Chandler Maness)
    Vincent Rivera Vincent Rivera - Frank
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