» » Superman - Die Abenteuer von Lois & Clark Ultra Woman (1993–1997)

Short summary

Two sisters try to make Superman apathetic with red kryptonite by shooting its red beam at him so that they could steal $20 million. Because he is hugging Lois, trying to protect her from the beam, his powers are transferred to her. The Kents help create a secret identity to the powerful Lois so she could help people without exposing her real self. This experience opens Lois' eyes to the struggles Clark has been going through all his life trying to save as many people he could and dealing with the ones he wasn't fast enough or strong enough to save.

Nell Newtrich claims that Superman now has as few powers "as Batman". This is one of the rare occasions where 'Lois & Clark' connects with the wider DC universe (unlike the later Smallville (2001), which has gradually introduced other established superheroes).

Jimmy receives a phone call about a jumper at the corner of "Giordano and Adams.," a reference to famed comic books artists Dick Giordano and Neal Adams.

Episode complete credited cast:
Dean Cain Dean Cain - Clark Kent / Superman
Teri Hatcher Teri Hatcher - Lois Lane
Lane Smith Lane Smith - Perry White
Justin Whalin Justin Whalin - Jimmy Olsen
K Callan K Callan - Martha Kent
Eddie Jones Eddie Jones - Jonathan Kent
Shelley Long Shelley Long - Lucille Newtrich
Mary Gross Mary Gross - Nell Newtrich
Kenneth Kimmins Kenneth Kimmins - Dr. Bernard Klein
Lawrence A. Mandley Lawrence A. Mandley - Husband
Evie Peck Evie Peck - Woman
Thomas Rosales Jr. Thomas Rosales Jr. - Thug (as Thomas Rosales)
Hal Havins Hal Havins - Driver
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