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After rescuing a cat owned by eccentric Mrs. Peabody (Elizabeth Patterson), cub reporter Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson) is given a reward--of one million dollars! Much to the dismay of his friends Clark (George Reeves) and Lois (Noel Neill), Jimmy begins throwing away his money on useless creature comforts, including a butler named Herbert (Leonard Carey), who turns out to be in cahoots with con man Stacy Tracey (Richard Reeves). First attempting to defraud Jimmy, Stracy ends up locking the neophyte millionaire and Lois in a safe--whereupon the pair is forced to incinerate "Olsen's millions" in order to create smoke signals that will summon Superman to their rescue.

The $1,000,000 Jimmy receives would be equivalent to $8,930,000 in 2015 after adjusting for inflation.

This episode was adapted from a comic book story, "The Boy Millionaire," which appeared in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #3, Jan-Feb 1955.

When Jimmy says he doesn't know morse code, Lois replies she thought he was a Boy Scout.Morse code was introduced as a merit badge in 1918 after which it was removed and added or helped to qualify as a badge and as of 2015 is a badge component again.

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    • Author: Inth
    Jimmy Olsen gets a reporter's assignment: go interview the millionaire old lady who takes care of all many cats. The next thing you know, Jimmy is credited (even though Superman did it) saving the life of one of her felines. In gratitude, she gives Olsen a million dollars.

    Of course, the money goes straight to Jimmy's head. Within a day, he has bought a new apartment, furniture, tons of things he wouldn't need and hired a "gentleman's gentleman" - Herbert, a butler, played comically by Leonard Carey

    Herbert, to no one's surprise, turns out to be part of gang that wants to swindle the cub reporter out of his money. They do so, and trap our naive friend and Lois Lane in a vault-like room. Without giving away anymore, let's just say Jimmy learns about how best to use his money.

    Best line the episode: Lois Lane, when first confronted by the crooks, asks them: "How could take advantage of a brainless boy?" For some reason, Olsen is offended at that statement.
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    • Author: Jan
    Jimmy goes to writer a story on an eccentric old lady who has left millions to the sustaining of a place for alley cats. She herself is overrun with them. When Jimmy accidentally locks one of them in a safe, he calls Superman. She thinks Jimmy rescued the cat and she gives him a million dollars. We know this is not going to be pretty. Of course, being the consummate compulsive idiot he is, he starts spending like there's not tomorrow. And, as any Superman episode must have, a couple of crooks start lusting after the money. He is tricked into trusting his newly hired butler. Clark warns Jimmy, but being an innocent, he accepts the word of the guy. He also purchase a boat, snowshoes, archery equipment, and a bunch of furniture for his new apartment. Interstingly, that million dollars in 1957 would probably be ten times that now, so he was incredibly rich. The conclusion is painful to watch, even if this is a fiction.
  • Episode cast overview:
    George Reeves George Reeves - Superman / Clark Kent
    Jack Larson Jack Larson - Jimmy Olsen
    Noel Neill Noel Neill - Lois Lane
    John Hamilton John Hamilton - Perry White
    Robert Shayne Robert Shayne - Inspector Henderson (credit only)
    Elizabeth Patterson Elizabeth Patterson - Mrs. Peabody
    George E. Stone George E. Stone - Big George
    Leonard Carey Leonard Carey - Herbert the Butler
    Richard Reeves Richard Reeves - Stacey Tracy
    Tyler MacDuff Tyler MacDuff - Delivery Boy
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