» » Booze, Broads and Blackjack

Short summary

A radio DJ Jack King working for his gangster uncle Vinny is targeted by the mob itself after his girlfriend Misty witnesses a murder. He goes to the Starburst Casino in Las Vegas to a blackjack tournament. At the tournament, he meets up with an old flame, his old girlfriend Alicia. Alicia is in a troubled relationship with Tony who also works for the mob. So things kinda turn south in Vegas.

Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
James Duval James Duval - Oscar Chavez
Vincent Pastore Vincent Pastore - Vinny Bombayo
Felissa Rose Felissa Rose - Savannah Holly
Sarah French Sarah French - Alicia Gonzalvo
Vincent M. Ward Vincent M. Ward - Tony Raguso
Thomas Haley Thomas Haley - Det. Dennis Collins
Tiffani Fest Tiffani Fest - Stephanie Gorzick
Guy A. Grundy Guy A. Grundy - Grundy
George McArthur George McArthur - Dickie
Joe Raffa Joe Raffa - Jack King
Lionel Washington III Lionel Washington III - Bellman
John J Thomassen John J Thomassen - Larry Barone
D.T. Carney D.T. Carney - Tom Maselli
Rickey Bird Jr. Rickey Bird Jr. - Crash Banner
Jonathan Mumm Jonathan Mumm - Bob Bronson
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