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The story of a little girl name Karen who was very poor and was given a pair of red shoes made of cloth to keep her feet warm in the winter. When her mother dies, she's adopted by a rich older woman who burns the shoes, saying they're ugly. Karen grows up pretty and happy with the old woman, but one day she sees a princess wearing beautiful red shoes and wants a pair just like them. When it comes time for Karen to be confirmed, she's to have a new pair of shoes. The pair she wants are red leather shoes that were maid for a count's daughter, but were too small. Karen buys them without the old woman knowing and wears them to her confirmation and gets in trouble for it. When the old woman falls ill, instead of taking care of her Karen goes to a ball and dances, but finds she can't stop dancing.

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    • Author: Castiel
    It's been a long time since I have seen this movie, so if the summary is jumbled that's why. From what I gather, this girl desperately wants a pair of red shoes she saw on a rich girl's feet. But alas! She lives with her miserly grandmother. She runs away with the help of some red-headed man but she pays dearly for her decision. She must dance the rest of her life, cold, alone, and no one to help her but the red-headed man who seems to get a little too much enjoyment at her discomfort.

    This movie frightened me a lot as a kid, but it was quite addicting. I think I watched probably three times a week. I never quite understood it, though I might now, but it's been a long time since I have seen it. The man with the red hair though, I think he's the one that made me afraid of clowns for the rest of my life, very creepy.
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    • Author: INvait
    As I recall from childhood, this movie was about a spoiled girl who pretends to be sick all the time. Her mother asks Hans Christian Andersen to come over and tell her a story. Hans tells her about the Red Shoes and his "puppet show" turns into a show we as an audience can see. The girl gets very attached to the characters and in the end learns an important lesson. I thought the dancing was good and the real life puppet show was well done. The costuming of the characters was nice as they resembled the dolls Hans used in the puppet theater. I also remember my little sister watching it all the time and me getting sick of it.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Rana Haugen Rana Haugen - Karen Sorenson
    Stephen Boe Stephen Boe - Hans Christian Andersen
    Molly Atwood Molly Atwood - Mrs. Ingrid Sorenson
    Sonja Kostich Sonja Kostich - Karen #1 / Confirmation Class
    Sarah Napier Sarah Napier - Mother / Dancers at the Ball
    Julee Cruise Julee Cruise - Old Rag Face
    Wendy Lehr Wendy Lehr - Old Lady
    Maria Iverson Maria Iverson - Helga / Church Congregation / Masquerade Ball Dancers
    Gabrielle Zuckerman Gabrielle Zuckerman - Karen #2 (as Gaby Zuckerman)
    Tom Dunn Tom Dunn - Coachman
    Sylvia Bolton Sylvia Bolton - Queen
    Jo Jo Askegard Jo Jo Askegard - Princess / Confirmation Class / Vain Girls and Parson's Children
    Myron Johnson Myron Johnson - Shoemaker
    Carl Beck Carl Beck - Soldier
    George Muschamp George Muschamp - Preacher
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