» » Higglystadt Helden Patty Cake/Havin' a Ball (2004–2008)

Short summary

The kids are playing in Wayne & Twinkle's sandbox when Plunkie calls them inside for lunch. Reluctantly they go inside but they all wish the same thing - to have lunch AND keep playing outside. The idea of a picnic comes up. After a song about what to bring, with sandwiches being tops, it's discovered that there's no bread! Eubie fed it all to the birds. They need a hero. Enter the Baker. He teaches the kids how to bake bread and the picnic is saved./ Eubie and friends anxiously await a package from Granpop Crink. After taking guesses at what it could be, the package arrives - it's a strange ball. They sing a song pondering what type of ball it is. Pizza guy enters, tells them it's a Higglyball and briefly explains the rules of the game. The kids play but, not knowing the rules well enough, don't have any fun. Enter the Sports Coach. He explains the concept of teamwork. The kids play again and have fun.

Episode credited cast:
Dee Bradley Baker Dee Bradley Baker - Pizza Guy
Rocco DiSpirito Rocco DiSpirito - Baker Hero (voice)
Kathie Lee Gifford Kathie Lee Gifford - Mail Carrier (voice)
Steve Harris Steve Harris - Sports Coach Hero (voice)
Frankie Ryan Manriquez Frankie Ryan Manriquez - Wayne
Taylor Masamitsu Taylor Masamitsu - Eubie
Edie McClurg Edie McClurg - Fran
Liliana Mumy Liliana Mumy - Twinkle
Rory Charles Thost Rory Charles Thost - Kip
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