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Gangster (2016) watch online HD

Gangster (2016) watch online HD
  • Original title:Gangster
  • Category:Movie / Romance
  • Released:2016
  • Director:Birsa Dasgupta
  • Actors:Bratya Basu,Mimi Chakraborty,Saurav Das
  • Writer:Manish Sharma
  • Duration:2h 21min
  • Video type:Movie

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Short summary

Gangster is an Indian (Bengali) film of romance thriller genre directed by Birsa Dasgupta with Yash Dasgupta and Mimi Chakraborty in the lead. A tale of love, passion, heartbreaks and ... See full summary
Gangster is an Indian (Bengali) film of romance thriller genre directed by Birsa Dasgupta with Yash Dasgupta and Mimi Chakraborty in the lead. A tale of love, passion, heartbreaks and revenge which forms the crux of the story. The film was extensively shot in various locations of Turkey and some portions in Kolkata. -Padmashri

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User reviews

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    • Author: catterpillar
    Gangster was an emotional roller- coaster. Excellent story telling by Birsa Dasgupta,Great cinematography by Subhankar Bhar, tremendous acting by Yash and Mimi,soul wrenching music by Arindam. It's a very stylized film that has touched the deepest chord of our heart at the same time. I would specially like to mention Yash's name who have never let us understand that it's his first film. In emotional scenes his expressions are beyond excellence. No one could ever portray Guru as perfect as he did. Mimi as usual too good. The locations are too beautiful. Here Cappadocia has been shown so beautifully. Bengali mainstream movies has been newly defined here. A movie that must attract both "class" and "mass". After a long time watched a movie like this.
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    • Author: Konetav
    The real star in this film is probably the director! Like a true captain, he has directed a relatively inexperienced but exceptionally talented set of lead actors, cinematographers and an entire team to produce an exceptionally palatable commercial Bengali film, after ages! It clearly is capable of bridging the gap that exists between mainstream and art films today. What appeals most is the packaging and presentation of the story line and utilization of an amazing chemistry between a debutante and seasoned actors! Photography and music simply adds icing to the cake! Fabulous movie,- a must watch for all Bangalees during Durga Puja 2016! Yash Dasgupta, the debutante hero is definitely worth a special applaud for his brilliant portrayal of the two sides of a complex character!
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    • Author: Madi
    A gripping story. Brilliant acting by the newcomer star Yash. Birsa Dasgupta's has a knack of storytelling in his own style. sleek and elegant visuals. Nice use of music taking the story forward. Strong dialogues. magnanimous cinematography and smooth screenplay . A treat to watch .

    Yash's rendition of Guru was spot on. It seemed he was living the character. The climax well crafted. this is definitely a kind of movie with subtle acting and superb action.

    No dragging or melodrama at all. Time to welcome a new genre of film making in Bengali pop cinema. MUST Watch.
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    • Author: Gardagar
    My favourite movie, i watch it many times,favourite song
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    • Author: Hanelynai
    I watched a Bengali masala film arguably for the first time, mostly impressed by the pretty cinematography. There is a small twist involving mimi, otherwise it is a pretty standard fare with the larger than life gangster turned honest man hero who sets out for revenge by kicking and punching everything into oblivion. The debutante hero Yash seems earnest, but doesn't impress much. He doesn't have a lot of expressions in his quiver and his dialogue delivery is pretty boring too. Mimi, being the more experienced one delivers better and has got a bigger role than a eye candy. Gaurav Chakrabarty leaves a mark in his small role. Bratyo basu seems to try too hard, maybe that's what he was aiming for in order to play the main villain. I have a petty qualm though, everybody seemed understand bengali in a foreign land, what is up with that? Also, why don't they hire better Hindi speakers if they want the second villain to sound menacing? The guy was clearly aiming for the current happening dude look with his mustaches, hat and gaalis but the heavily accented Hindi was a real letdown.
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    • Author: Mala
    Gangster is an musically enchanting, smartly crafted romantic thriller.The story is not fresh but the treatment is.It's no masterpiece by any means, but is a step in the right direction for the dwindling state of commercial Bengali cinema.Yash is miscast in his role as a gangster with a heart but does well to hold the film together, Mimi comes out of the box and gives a subtle performance, the supporting cast does a good job of carrying the narrative forward, the cinematography is one of the best in recent memory in Bengali films.The Music is mind blowing and the strongest aspect of the film.Birsa Dasgupta , the director of the movie deserves applauds for bringing back true commercial Bengali films back , the film is worth your money and time.
  • Credited cast:
    Bratya Basu Bratya Basu - Baba
    Mimi Chakraborty Mimi Chakraborty - Ruhi
    Saurav Das Saurav Das - Guti
    Yash Dasgupta Yash Dasgupta - Guru
    Rajat Ganguly Rajat Ganguly
    Manish Sharma Manish Sharma - Tommy
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