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L'Enfer pour Miss Jones (1973) watch online HD

L'Enfer pour Miss Jones (1973) watch online HD
  • Original title:Devil in Miss Jones
  • Category:Movie / Adult / Drama / Fantasy
  • Released:1973
  • Director:Gerard Damiano
  • Actors:Georgina Spelvin,Harry Reems,John Clemens
  • Writer:Gerard Damiano
  • Budget:$33,000
  • Duration:1h 7min
  • Video type:Movie

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Short summary

Miss Jones is tired of her life and commits suicide. She comes to a place where its decided if she will end up in Heaven or Hell. Because of her suicide she should go to Hell but she has the option to return to Earth and live life according to one of the mortal sins for some time. She picks lust and a few days of carnal pleasure follows.

Georgina Spelvin originally signed on to run the commissary, cooking for and feeding the cast and crew. Even after she was cast in the lead role, she continued to serve on location as the company cook.

The boa constrictor that "co-stars" with Georgina Spelvin was the real-life pet of Marc Stevens. When Gerard Damiano spotted Spelvin fearlessly playing with "Herman" (the snake's name), he made the spot decision to have a scene pairing the two of them in the movie.

The Upstate New York house in which Justine Jones first encounters Abaca was owned by Harry Reems.

Gerard Damiano edited the opening suicide scene to the song "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. Damiano tried to get rights to use the song in the film but was unable to secure permission.

Sue Flaken was originally cast to play the lead role of Justine Jones, but a day or two before filming began she had to pull out due to an impacted wisdom tooth. However, she was recovered enough near the end of filming and was given a 3-way scene with her replacement Georgina Spelvin and Marc Stevens.

User reviews

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    • Author: Bladecliff
    I don't watch very many adult films, but this was well worth sitting through for performance, dialogue and concept alone. Lonely, middle aged Justine Jones (Georgina Spelvin) decides to end her own life by slitting her wrists in the bathtub. When she awakens she finds herself bargaining for her place in the hereafter with the pleasant but stern Mr. Abaca (John Clemens), an afterlife social worker or sorts. He tells her she's already sealed her fate by committing suicide but since she lived a virtually sin-free existence otherwise, he'll let her experience lust and sexual pleasure for a brief period of time before her stint in hell commences. Miss Jones then enters a doorway for a series of sexual adventures, starting with learning the basics of human sexuality from 'Teacher' Harry Reems. The scenes following involve the expected couplings; a straight scene, a lesbian scene and two scenes with multiple partners - as well as a few more imaginative solo scenes of Justine learning how to pleasure herself with a water hose, a bowl of fruit and a snake. Some of these sequences are given distinction through sound and setting. For instance, there's no music accompanying the lesbian scene, just the sound of howling wind; a simple yet effective other-worldly touch. The water hose scene takes place in a filthy, grimy bathtub, which is a reflection of how sex can be temporary escape, no matter how ugly and miserable your surroundings. By the time her introduction to the joys of sex concludes, Justine has won back her will to live and is pleading for a second chance, but finds herself trapped in a distinct and disturbing version of personal hell.

    No, the sex scenes aren't especially erotic, but who said every film incorporating hardcore sex had to be erotic? In fact, the first twenty minutes of this film are virtually sex free. And no, Georgina Spelvin looks nothing like today's porno stars. She middle aged and doesn't look like she just emerged from a Barbie Doll cloning factory. She can also act. This film simply would not have worked with a bad actress in the lead, as the role requires someone capable of showing a variety of different emotions; depression, frigidity, innocence, discovery and, ultimately, anguish and despair. Spelvin does this role justice and it's easy to see why she went on to an acclaimed and respected career in the adult industry.

    This film probably isn't for everyone out there, but it's worthwhile to the right kind of audience; particularly those who think there can be more to hardcore films than a series of sex scenes carelessly and cheaply strung together for an easy profit.
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    • Author: Kefrannan
    This is what a sex film should be like. Even though the sex is central to the story, the story extends beyond the sex. Just as an action film needn't be all action, the sex scenes can be made more interesting by the context in which they are set. The high production values and memorable music add to the enjoyment. The sex scenes themselves, while at times very explicit, favor the sensual over the graphic. The scene with the snake and an oily lesbian encounter are stand-outs. Many consider the scene in which Spelvin takes on two men at once to be the highlight, but I would disagree. Up until this point the sex has seemed to be a natural expression of Justine's growing lust, but here the performers appear to be just showing off for the cameras. The wraparound Hell sequence is worthy of "The Twilight Zone".
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    • Author: Stan
    I was surprised to find so many reviews for a hardcore porn film...but, given the high quality of "The Devil in Miss Jones", maybe this shouldn't have come as such a shock. "DiMJ" actually works as a legitimate film--it's almost like a long episode of Rod Serling's "Night Gallery" with sex. The acting is quite good (watch for director Gerard Damiano as a Beckettian tormentee in Hell at the end of the film) and the atmosphere is wonderful. Yes, folks, the movie is SUPPOSED to be disturbing! Damiano was trying to tell a story of which sex just happened to be a part, so Jenna Jameson fans beware: you'll actually have to slog your way through a storyline here. Not a blonde to be found in the entire film, either. High points: the suicide scene, the ending, the moody soundtrack, Harry Reems' scenes as the menacing "Teacher"...and Georgina Spelvin, Miss Justine Jones herself. She is, in a word, superlative.
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    • Author: Mr.mclav
    Georgina Spelvin..thousands of anonymous actors traditionally used George Spelvin as a pseudonym..there are so many in-jokes in this film that I catch a new one with each the porn field, it's like casting pearls before swine. This film is easily the best hardcore sex programmer ever made, and I'm gonna tell you why..the actors could actually act, the cutting is as good as any B movie, and the dialogue is sane and pertinent to the plot. It's on celluloid, which makes it look like a real movie (which it was), and all the people in it look like genuine human beings. OK, so where does the bad rap it's suffered come in? Well, most porn consumers want gorgeous girls and hot sex with no moralizing..and most film critics won't give a porn film a review at all. Admittedly, this is no Citizen Kane, but it stands head and shoulders above the asinine general run of sex films. Watch the suicide scene, compare it with mainstream treatments of the same subject, and you it art? I think so...
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    • Author: Moralsa
    Devil in Miss Jones isn't your regular pornographic movie, it's dark, depressing, not very erotic and sometimes disturbing. The movie opens with Justine Jones (Georgina Spelvin), a lonely virgin spinster who slits her wrists in the bathtub. Because she has lived sinless life, she finds herself in limbo where Mr. Abaca (John Clemens) informs her that she can't qualify for Heaven and she hasn't sinned enough for Hell. After a discussion, Mr. Abaca decided that Miss Jones may return to the world for a short time to experience the sensual gratification.

    Devil in Miss Jones has a hunting mood, it isn't scary, but it definitely doesn't feel like a pornographic movie. As that said, The Devil in Miss Jones isn't for them who are just looking for a constant sex-scenes movie. Devil in Miss Jones actually has an intelligent plot, it also has a very interesting vision of hell, and the ending is terrific, I'm not going spoil the ending, because that's the surprise that makes this movie good. Devil in Miss Jones is a rare and unique pornographic movie, that deserve to be called a classic (at least in it's genre..)
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    • Author: Cobandis
    After DEEP THROAT's devastating success shook people's perceptions of porn as some sort of ghetto-bound form of entertainment, its director Gerard Damiano in turn twisted those same people's expectations by radically changing course and creating what is still one of the most thought-provoking adult films of all time. Though it has been the inspiration for a Swiss soft-core reworking (Erwin C. Dietrich's DER TEUFEL IN MISS JONAS) and a mostly forgotten gay porn adaptation (THE DEVIL AND MR JONES, duh !), not to mention five "official" sequels and a recent remake (Paul Thomas' glossy THE NEW DEVIL IN MISS JONES with Jenna Jameson and Savanna Samson as the Horned One and Miss Jones respectively), the original has lost none of its power to shock over more than three decades. Of course, much of this is thanks to the truly amazing Georgina Spelvin delivering one of the most awe-inspiring acting and sexual performances the world has ever witnessed. A former chorus line dancer named Michelle "Shelly" Graham (spelling varies according to source), she entered the adult industry at a relatively advanced age – in her late thirties – and went on to prove that experience (she'd been married and a mom before entering a same sex relationship with porno performer Judith Hamilton) can make a real woman far more sexually interesting than any prettier and younger girl could ever hope to be.

    The movie opens on Spelvin as Justine Jones, a lonely spinster pushing forty, wordlessly preparing her suicide by slashing her wrists in the bathtub as Linda November's soothing vocals wail the absolutely haunting "I'm Coming Home" on the soundtrack. As life's blood drains from her slumping body, she's suddenly transported to the office of Mr Abaca (character actor John Clemens who played leading lady Tamie Trevor's husband in Danny Stone's HIGH RISE) without any memories of her prior actions. It turns out she's at some sort of halfway house between Heaven and Hell where it'll be determined where she should go. While she has lived a spotless life of chastity ("I haven't even done that…"), the taking of her own life makes her ineligible for an eternity in Paradise. She's not expected at either place for a few days anyway, so Abaca grants her the opportunity to experience every form of sexual perversion in the netherworld so she'll at least deserve her damnation.

    Guided along by the Teacher (THROAT's Dr Young himself, Harry Reems, in a solemn performance as far removed from that zany character as can be imagined), Justine discovers most erotic variations known to man (oral, straight and rectal penetration in groups of two and three of both men and women) and her gleeful responses to each new experience provide most of those scenes' turn-on value. Real life lover Hamilton (also with Spelvin in Gary Graver's excellent 3 A.M.) supplies the Sapphic action with the howling wind adding an eerie touch. The only other female, Sue Flaken (from Lloyd Kaufman's hard to see XXX musical THE NEW COMERS aka SEVEN DELICIOUS WISHES), playfully fights Spelvin for oral dominance over the massive member of Marc Stevens (who made a memorable Jacob Marley in Costello's PASSIONS OF CAROL), the latter returning for the legendary "sandwich" scene with Georgina and Levi Richards of A DIRTY WESTERN notoriety. Rumor has it that both "studs" were so nervous that the actress had to convince them the actual shooting was just a rehearsal, encouraging and talking them through the whole act ! Inevitably, Miss Jones winds up in Hell, a white-chalked dungeon of never ending boredom, the only escape of which is obsessive lunacy as demonstrated by Damiano's cameo turn as Georgina's cell mate trying to focus on an imaginary fly while the woman tries to tempt him with her fleshy wares.

    Deep and downbeat (a reason the film has generated as many detractors as it has followers), DEVIL IN MISS JONES is a rare adult film that once seen can never be truly erased from memory. Plot (liberally "borrowed" from Sartre's HUIS CLOS a/k/a NO EXIT), acting and production were unlike anything experienced by audiences at the time, illustrating Damiano's huge gamble that pretty much generated the whole subsequent "Golden Age" deal, roughly encompassing the remainder of the '70s and the first half of the '80s. Time has not dulled its effect one iota. Spelvin's dramatic intensity still makes you feel Justine's despair at having (wrongheadedly, perhaps ?) lived a life of sin-free purity and her sexual performance scorches anything in its path. Anyone genuinely interested in the history of porn cinema should start his studies right here. The only downside being that this masterpiece will spoil you for life !
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    • Author: Mr_Mole
    Despite the fact this is a graphic hardcore sex movie..especially for 1973 still doesnt feel like pornography. It's almost an art house horror movie. There is nothing remotly sexual or erotic about it. Just disturbing..which seems to be the point it was making. I've watched this with friends and even DEBATED on it...who debates porno. The cheaply shot , dark lighting , grainy film adds to the disturbing qualities of the movie..much better than modern guerilla porn of today.A worth watching movie..

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    • Author: Marr
    It was this film as well as "Behind the Green Door " and "Deep Throat" that led some mainstream critics, Roger Ebert included, to begin to take porno films seriously. It was a movement, speared mainly by Marylin Chambers, that was known as "porno chic." Lines would form at porno movie houses and would occasionally include celebrities. Openings mights might include spotlights, the stars emerging from limos, etc. However, the introduction of videotape seems to have ended it all (well portrayed in "Boogie Nights"). The adult film industry has for the most part gone downhill since this so-called "golden age." The DP scene so daringly depicted in the film is commonplace today.
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    • Author: Amerikan_Volga
    This is Gerard Damiano's second best movie after "Story of Joanna". Like Martin Scorsese and Abel Ferrara, Damiano is strongly influenced by his catholic upbringing. So when the 40 year old virgin Miss Jones commit suicide in her bathtub there is really only one way to go for her: Hell. Abaca is a gentleman sitting in the anteroom, preparing the recently deceased for what's going to happen to them. Miss Jones is not expected anytime soon, so he grants her wish: The experience of unbridled lust, one of the seven deadly sins and she is taken though an odyssey of sex for pain and pleasure. The lesbian sex scene available in the VCX DVD but cut in certain other prints is excellent, so opt for the uncut theatrical release version. This is an outstanding adult movie from the golden age in the 70s, where director Damiano not is afraid of shocking the audience with a little gore and sadism.
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    • Author: Legionstatic
    I saw this in 1974 while in college on a double bill w/ Deep Throat. What really set it apart from the others from that era (& I saw a bunch, is that it stood up well as drama. Georgina Spelvin gave arguably the best acting performance for the genre.
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    • Author: Yojin
    A retelling of Jean-Paul Sartre's 1943 prize winner "No Exit" about lusty people in hell, stuck forever in a room with someone totally sexuality incompatible.

    In the play a playboy, a manish lesbian, and a flaky young woman find out they are all dead. The man and the lesbian vie for the young woman, who keeps changing her mind. Then they realize this is hell, and "hell is other people."

    "Miss Jones" finishes her last 24 hours sinning without break break just for the experience since she's going to hell anyway. She is then marooned in a room with a madman who is more concerned with flies than her naked body.

    It could be worse. What if they were insurance salesmen?
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    • Author: Modimeena
    Pornography isn't a film type that you would usually associate with substance and imagination, but The Devil in Miss Jones bucks that trend in style as it manages to entail everything you could want from a porn film, but it does it with class and actually manages a very interesting wraparound story to go with the hardcore smut. I've heard this film described as 'deep', and while it definitely is deep considering its genre - it's still not exactly Shakespeare (but would you want it any other way?). That being said, the film does do something for both the proverbial 'heads', and that's not something that can be said for every porn film. Actually, it's something that can't be said for the vast majority, which wins The Devil in Miss Jones a lot of acclaim as far as I'm concerned. The plot is still rather thin, but here we focus on Justine Jones - a woman so bored with life that she decides to commit suicide. She then finds herself in purgatory, where it is decided that she will be able to return to Earth providing she live according to a deadly sin - and naturally, she chooses lust...

    One of the first things I noticed about the film was that its star - Georgina Spelvin - isn't exactly your average porn star, and indeed this is actually mentioned at one point when her 'teacher' describes her body in a none too favourable light. I can't say that this odd casting choice really helps the film; it does give it some sort of realism as the title character is an 'average woman', but I'm sure most people would have preferred a more buxom lead. That being said, the lady certainly doesn't disappoint when it comes to doing what most men would want her to do, as she gets put to good use with everything from men and women, to fruit and snakes. The sex is sleazy and dirty, and the film never holds back when it comes to showing everything. Indeed, you certainly do get your 'moneys worth' when it comes to The Devil in Miss Jones. The film was apparently one of the pioneers of 'porno chic', and while I'm not exactly well qualified to say whether or not that is true; looking at the film, I'm sure it probably is. The film could have packed more of a punch with better production values, I think, but even so; this is a must see porn flick and comes highly recommended!
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    • Author: Marilace
    Back in the '70's there was a short lived time of so called porno chic movies. Movies that were trying to be a bit more than just another porn flick, by lifting up its production values, spend some time on an actual script, getting some decent enough actors for the parts and also by obviously extending its shooting time, to improve the overall quality of the end result. Movies that actual film-critics were send out to see because at the time they were being regarded as art and 'true' movies to be taken serious. They actually grossed a lot of money as well back in the days but for some reason it never became the standard later on for the porn-industry. The producers and studios probably just wanted to shoot simple and fast stuff to gain some quick cash, instead of having to spend quite some time on money on pre-production and shooting the actual film, before making an handsome profit on it.

    But luckily there were still plenty of 'classic' porn movies made back in those days. This movie got directed by Gerard Damiano, who also directed the globally best known and earlier genre example "Deep Throat". You simply have got to admire what he tried for the genre. He actually made some good movies, that were just happen to be adult ones.

    But have no illusions, it's not as if this is a brilliantly constructed or shot story with an award winning complicated story and brilliant actors. But you simply have to see this movie in perspective. This movie is so much more and way more special than just another average porn flick.

    It still has a quite simplistic story that only serves as an excuse to put in as many sex scene's as possible, involving the main character. She gets in all kinds of sexual acts, with men, women, an occasional threesome and also some solo stuff. It basically is all the stuff you can expect from an hardcore flick such as this, that of course was still in the first place being made to 'please' its male audience.

    And hey, it's '70's porn, so that means lots of hair and bad mustaches, as well as some bad dubbing during the actual sex scenes. But all of this has become such a part of the charm of '70's porn and makes it so irresistible and entertaining.

    But I was actually quite surprised to see how much time they as well spend on scene's just featuring some dialog. And there are some pretty well set up moments as well, such as the opening sequences. On top of that it was refreshing to see that actors actually took their job seriously and give away some pretty decent performances. I actually think some of these guys and girls went to acting school or something.

    Put in perspective, this really is a classic porn flick.

  • comment
    • Author: Mavegelv
    You have to give Gerard Damiano some respect, he put thought into his movies. Sure, there are some porn staples like the lesbian rub down, fellatio, and two threesomes, MMF and FFM. There is even a scene where Georgina Spelvin takes time to eat some fruit, after adding some of her special sauce to the grapes, she gives a whole new meaning to the word bananarama. But it's the genuinely creepy framing sequence that bookends the movie that adds a whole new twist. Deep Throat was about a woman helping men find pleasure in a way that gave her pleasure as she looks for the perfect man. The Devil in Miss Jones is about the dangers of carnality for carnality's sake. Jones does four men, two women, a bunch of fruit, and a snake, just for the hell of it. A snake? Gee, I wonder what that's supposed to symbolize. So when given the chance to repent for taking her own life, Miss Jones just wants to get her freak on, so she ends up in her own private hell with no one to ring her bell, trying to turn on a guy, played by Damiano, who is far more interested in the digestive tract of an elusive fly. Man, this movie just might have more going on then every other porno put together. Therein lies the problem, whether Damiano was just trying to add some meaning or responding to the flack that Deep Throat received among "serious" critics, nobody wants too much big head stuff during little head time.
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    • Author: Ielonere
    One can hardly talk about America's Golden Age of Porn and not mention Gerard Damiano, arguably the most influential director of the period alongside Radley Metzger. Damiano really helped kickstart the possibilities of pornography in America with Deep Throat in 1972, solidifying the wealth of humor, dialog, and eroticism that could all be simultaneously conveyed and explored rather than just relying on the strengths of one or another. Deep Throat, despite trailing Mona: the Virgin Nymph, the first theatrically released pornographic film in America, by two years, went on to become one of the most successful and well-known pornographic films ever made and its cult-following, in addition to the strength of the humor in the film itself, still carry with it today.

    Following up such a monstrous success narratively and commercially would be a struggle for many, but judging by the level of confidence The Devil in Miss Jones carries itself, largely in terms of the storyline and the way the actors handle themselves, it seems that Damiano, once again, had a clear idea and vision of what he was doing with this film. The story concerns Justine Jones (Georgina Spelvin), a lonely and depressed older woman, unmarried and severely lacking any excitement in her life. One day, whilst in the bathtub, Jones comes to the consensus that the only solution to her sorely lacking existence is suicide just before slitting hit wrists and subsequently dying in the water.

    Miss Jones awakes in purgatory, where she meets an angel by the name of Abaca (John Clemens). Although Miss Jones has lived a life of purity and solace, her suicide prevents her entrance into Heaven. Frustrated that this one fact prevents her from entering the pearly gates, Miss Jones convinces Abaca to let her at least "earn" her place in Hell by returning to Earth to embody the sin of lust. Abaca accepts this plea, begrudgingly so, and what entails is Miss Jones' new life of immediate sexual gratification, as she engages in sexual intercourse with everyone from a sexual teacher (Harry Reems), who shows her the excitement pain and pleasure can have to a filthy threesome with two men.

    The Devil in Miss Jones may be an even filthier film than Deep Throat, but that is no bother, seeing as, just as with a Metzger film, the strengths come from not just the eroticism but the delicate balance of storytelling, approach, and cinematography. To begin with, Damiano captures the film in a low-lit manner, very akin to the kind of cinematographical style we frequently see in erotic thrillers. Furthermore, the film doesn't cop out at the consistent sex scenes (though the film practically feels like one long, forty minute sex scene following its tame twenty minutes of "suspense"), adding a real layer of contemplative ideas to a film that could've otherwise been entirely vapid. The idea of willingly want to enter Hell and working to have yourself epitomize the idea of lust in the most graphic way possible is an intriguing, almost existential idea that one would expect an epic to take on rather than a low-rent, 1970's pornographic film.

    The sex in the film is also very erotic, capitalizing on a certain rawness and intimacy that is achieved through the aforementioned cinematography and repeated closeups of the intercourse taking place. Spelvin is both an energetic performer and a capable actor and she conveys her character's desperation and subsequent sexual drive very convincingly, especially during the spine-tingling final sequence, which has the ability to evoke arousal and sadness.

    And that, dear reader, is the key here. In just two months of taking one day out of my schedule to examine a pornographic film of yesteryear, I've seen ideas such as incest, loneliness, rejection, and allegory examined in films where I'm sure few people expect it. The grand idea behind The Golden Age of Porn is how underestimated it was up until that point; desperately few people likely held the belief that pornography could be something that was both meaningful and erotic at the same time. It was a perceived duality that would come at the sacrifice of at least one of those features. With that, The Devil in Miss Jones - which, in and of itself, is a film of many dualities that shouldn't work as well together as they do - would be a film similar to Metzger's Behind the Green Door in that it would be a film you'd go into not expecting much other than a scuzzy porno and emerge with at least some sense of shock as to what you have just seen.

    Starring: Georgina Spelvin, John Clemens, and Harry Reems. Directed by: Gerard Damiano.
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    • Author: Kagalkree
    After the exploding success of Deep Throat, Gerard Damiano went and made a better if not more believable porn film in The Devil in Miss Jones. Not to the be confused with the Main Stream 1941 Movie The Devil and Miss Jones. This film usually was double billed with Damiano's for-mentioned film and was confiscated by Police just like Deep Throat. This film is a home video perennial that refuses to die like Deep Throat and Debbie Does Dallas. Both Devil in Miss Jones and Debbie Does Dallas share one common ancestry. Both Master Camera Negatives are lost to time. No one seems to to be to locate the storage facility or garbage dump they may have been sent to be disposed of. God knows I wish both these Master Camera Negatives could be found cleaned and restored then scanned in HD for picture and audio quality and given the Unlimited Digital Noise Reduction Overhaul they truly deserve so that both movies could really look and sound brand spanking new to the point of looking like they were just shot yesterday.
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    • Author: Celore
    After recently re-watching Jonas Middleton's fantastic Adult Fantasy Through The Looking Glass,I decided to search online for any other Adult titles that had a similar Fantasy theme.Talking to a DVD seller a few days ago,I was surprised to discover that the director of Deep Throat had made a very dark sounding Adult title,which led to me excitingly getting ready to meet Miss Jones for the first time.

    The plot:

    Feeling that there is no meaning to her life at all and that she cant stand her current,isolated situation,Justine Jones decides that she is going to die via a suicide.After having successfully done the suicide,Justine finds herself in a strange office,sitting next to a man.

    Being keen in helping to ease Jones into her new situation,the man tells Justine that his name is Abaca and that she is currently in a 'half way house' due to Jones having died a few days earlier than planned,and also due to her 'sin free' record having to be changed,due to her suicide being something that means Justine must now spend the rest of her (after) life in hell.

    Doing her most to make the best out of a terrible situation,Jones decides to ask Abaca if she can commit one of the 7 deadly sins whilst she waits for the next 3 days for her 'file' to be updated.Asked about what sin she is thinking of committing,Jones tells Abaca that she wants to lose her innocence,by indulging in lust as much as possible.With Justine having a spotless record,Abaca tells Jones that he will give her 3 days to commit her chosen deadly sin as much as possible.

    View on the film:

    Contrasting the glossy Fantasy appearance given to the 'half way house' section of the title,editor/co-star/writer/director Gerard Damiano and cinematography Joao Fernandes (who would later work on Through The Looking Glass) film Jones suicide in a clinically cold manner that helps to keep the scene away from 'fake' and instead create an unbelievably grim,chillingly real atmosphere,with the astonishing special effects making the scene extremely painful to watch.

    After having thrown the audience into the deep end,Dammiano and Fernandes thankfully go for a much lighter mood in the 'half way house',with Dammiano softening the image,as Jones finds her lust and desire to bubble up to the surface.

    For the screenplay of the movie,Dammiano smartly decides to stay away from being harshly judgemental on Jones actions,and to instead take a much more sympathetic angle,with Jones action being shown as the only route that she could see in her life.Whilst he gives each of Jones lustful encounters an erotic charge in his directing style,Dammiano sadly decides to not give the scenes any feeling of Jones reaching the peak of her lust,and also decides to let Abaca (played by a fun John Clemens) and the delightful Folk score fade into the background.

    Originally hired to solely do the catering on the film, (a job that she continued to do on the movie,despite now being the lead star!) the gorgeous Georgina Spelvin gives a powerful,sensual performance as Justine Jones,with Spelvin giving Justine's first moments of lust a wonderful sense of nervousness that gradually fades away,as Miss Jones decides that she does not want the devil to get the best of her.
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    • Author: Shistus
    A lot of golden age smut occupies its own zone, a grind-house netherworld where day-glo mongrels frolic and contort in this weird balance between surgical sex and delusions of grandeur. It obviously isn't straight-ahead fare but isn't direct-to-digital, to-hell-with-the- fourth-wall gonzo. These almost-movies are half breeds in hindsight of our terminally pornified culture; some even qualify as 'good' in the traditional sense, eclipsing Hollywood product in terms of spark. This is a vital building block in the soma wall we now live well behind o my brothers and it stands out because it functions like a criticism of itself, an existential skin flick torn between loftier ideals and the typical wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am. It's almost like Gerry Damiano made a porno about the very futility of porno, commenting on the 30 years of hardcore that followed. It's bloody conflicted. You could almost look at it as a bookend to the entire sordid genre, in fact.

    Georgina Spelvin masturbates furiously in a dungeon room, trying to entice her cellmate with desperate dirty talk. With Devil in Miss Jones we have a mirror image of the audience locked in porno purgatory, a fantasia of variations on the big theme. Oral, anal, lesbian, threesome- it's a retreat to the animal kingdom where appetite rules supreme, limitless gorging. This awareness, always there but pushed out of the light, casts an autumnal pall over even the most arousing scenes, defusing the vice with sadness, a nostalgic bitter sweetness that's a damning contradiction of XXX. The scenes take on a hazy quality, not a lot different than the horribly lonely suicide which opens the film with an icy note of perfection (the best bathtub wrist slash since Rules of Attraction). It sets the temperature for the duration of the running time. Miss Jones tries to escape but her despair always follows even in the midst of passion.

    She's offered a chance to fulfill her desires by the bureaucratic gatekeeper that meets her following self termination. All of it passes like a dry business deal, completely absent of any quaint notions of divinity- even the cosmos is run by faceless number crunchers. Never having tasted the pleasures of the flesh and understandably eager to hold off paying the devil his due, Miss Jones agrees and a collection of sexual escapades shortly unfolds. She charts vices like checking off items on a grocery list.

    This feast of carnality grows more fevered and extreme toward the end, a steady succession of climaxes building towards an ultimate climax, a farewell binge before reemerging into the intimacy starved, white chalk corridors of hell. The end? The lights go up and the audience of hungry ghosts stumble out to the streets of course, killing time before their next score, serviced by a racket Damiano helped set up, himself trapped in hell as his role as Miss Jones' cellmate demonstrates. 'Damn you, touch me PLEASE.' Living on sheer appetite and sense indulgence isn't enough than: an anti- porn porn movie. A walking talking contradiction boasting an elegant soundtrack to boot. I'm pretty sure I heard Ennio Morricone's 'Man with a Harmonica' in there, right when Georgie was macking it up with the snake.

    A lot of people here have scored Spelvin low on the hawtness meter but to me this is also part of the charm of going back and watching these forgotten blue movies- its quaint snapshot of a time before the grinding machinery of conspicuous consumption seized the erotic imagination, replacing obsolete human beings with plastic fem-bots. It isn't any great barrier to enjoying the flick and I find it frustrating that people are so fickle, as if she were 250 lbs. or something. A constant diet of this stuff spoils you.
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    • Author: Erthai
    DEVIL IN MISS JONES is one of those pretty rare porn films that tried to transcend it's typical genre limitations and become more than just a film to whack-off to. There were several such films made during the 70's/80's, some were decent, some not so much - and MISS JONES is definitely one of the better ones. I don't know if I find it quite as "deep" as many other reviewers (it's still a porn film, afterall) - but I'll agree that this one is quite a bit more "intelligent" and "artistic" than most smut...

    Georgina Spelvin plays Justine Jones, a woman in purgatory after committing suicide. It is decided that she will be allowed to fulfill her carnal pleasures before her "final judgement" - and this is exactly what she does, at the hands of "The Teacher" (Harry Reams), A few girls, a couple other guys, a snake, some fruit, etc. Eventually Miss Jones is given an appropriate and fitting "sentence", given her newfound "lust" for lust...

    Again, as far as porn goes, DEVIL IN MISS JONES is pretty strong on storyline and message. Georgina Spelvin wouldn't have been my first choice in casting, as she's not really all that attractive - but I guess that her semi-homely appearance adds another layer of realism to the goings-on in the film. There's plenty going on in this film to either analyze, or whack-it to - I tend to leave the analyzing to the "real" critics - I found this one to be a good example of the golden-age of porno-chic, and gets additional points for being spank-worthy as well. Worth a look to "classic" porn fans...8/10
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    • Author: Wnex
    The original Devil in Miss Jones in no way deserves its status as a "classic" of the porn genre. Although the story is advanced for a movie of this type, the technical aspects of the film are handled so poorly that even the most fleeting excitement is hard to muster.

    Damiano, who also directed the slightly-better Deep Throat, seems to revel in the ugliness of his work. The cinematography, lighting, makeup, and even the lead actress herself contribute to the overriding visual unpleasantness of this film.

    The script offers only one notable moment, at the beginning and repeated at the end. This is the vision of hell itself: two people in a small room, essentially tormenting each other through their own insanities. The scene is disturbing, but it seems at odds with the pornography that surrounds it.

    When the best a film like this has to offer is a vague sense of unease, you have to wonder what the filmmakers were even going for. Perhaps Damiano missed his calling as a horror director.
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    • Author: Rit
    One of those classics, held up next to "Deep Throat" and "Behind the Green Door."

    Sure, it was clever, but the female lead isn't that attractive and sex isn't that hot. But if not for this film, porn would not have blossomed into what it is today.

    Harry Reems was the Ron Jeremy of his day. Worth a look if you're a Fan.
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    • Author: Faegal
    This is one of the first adult movies I saw as a teen, sneaking a peek at their parents dirty movie stash. Thankfully it was not the first one, because if I had seen this one first I may have been turned off adult films all together. Of course, that may have been a good thing, but sadly I enjoy entertainment of this type. This one I did not enjoy overall as the lead actress sinks the film. She just is not someone I am attracted to or would want to have sex with. She is one of the most bland porn stars I have ever laid eyes upon, I do not see the appeal, but then appeal is something that varies individual to individual. She not only looks bad to me, but she sounds bad to, the scene she says "hurt me" over and over brings to mind one of those ladies that has smoked to much during their life and are now aged and unappealing and their voice matches. Not the voice or the look of a porn star, just makes this adult film fizzle rather than sizzle. Like I said this is my individual tastes, I prefer the girls in "Debbie Does Dallas" and the "Little Girls Blue" films as they have a cuteness none of the females in this one posses. There is one scene with another girl as Miss Jones wants to experience all the lust she missed out on before her untimely death at the hands of herself and that girl is somewhat okay and this scene is okayish, but beyond this scene most of the scenes simply make one ill rather than aroused. Well it did me, once again an adult film is going to be more a matter of taste than any other film genre what makes one person excited may not be what makes everyone excited. So to this film, as it does not arouse or make me excited, instead it turns me off sex. Not the case for everyone, however as it has a rather nice score for an adult film so read the other reviews to get a more complete view of things.
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    • Author: Kirinaya
    Devil in Miss Jones (1973)

    ** 1/2 (out of 4)

    Tired of life, Justine Jones (Georgina Spelvin) decides to end it all by slicing her wrists in the tub. She's soon sent to a "middle man" where she opens up about wishing she had experiences more lust in life as she died a virgin. The good man is willing to send her back so that she can take part in various sexual acts. Of all the films from the original "Classic Age of Porn", this one here probably features the best all around story. It's rather strange because I'd say it also features the least attractive woman and yet this here is probably the most erotic of any of the films. How all of that happened is rather strange but that pretty much makes this movie one of the more unique and at times disturbing adult movies. I think a lot of credit should certainly go towards Spelvin as she fits the role very nicely and her somewhat unattractive nature makes us believe her in the part of someone who never really experienced life. I still wouldn't say she gives a "good" performance but for the story trying to be told here she fits the role just fine. Her "teacher" in the film is legend Harry Reems and he gives his typical decent performance. The rest of the cast members are pretty much here and there but none really stick out. The sexual side of this film is perhaps the strangest aspect as the scenes range from erotic to strange to just downright disgusting at times. Some of them are even bad including the scene where Spelvin gets to experience another woman. The stuff with the fruit and snake really wasn't needed but her scenes with Reems are at least memorable, well shot and manage to be, at times, erotic. What makes them erotic is how Spelvin portraits the desire that she's felt her entire life but never got around to acting on any of them. This here is what works in the film even if the story begins to take a back seat in the second half of the film. This here is certainly not one of the greatest films ever made but it is a rather smart one and one that deserves its label of a classic for the genre.
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    • Author: Kison
    There is a DVD published in the UK in 2002 Code HRGD002 on the cover, no ASIN, VFC 19796 on the disk, no IFPI code in the inner rim.

    Probably a straight transfer from VHS.

    There is no much point is commenting an adult film. But this one contains a minimal plot, and the characters are believable. It was shown in the United States in normal cinemas.

    I've seen it In Pensylvannia way back in 1975.

    As such it deserves a place in an Encyclopedia of Movies. The DVD has no special features and no subtitles, and was probably made using a VHS tape as source
  • Complete credited cast:
    Georgina Spelvin Georgina Spelvin - Justine Jones
    John Clemens John Clemens - Abaca
    Harry Reems Harry Reems - The Teacher (as Harry Reams)
    Marc Stevens Marc Stevens - Second Guy with Justine (as Mark Stevens)
    Levi Richards Levi Richards - Third Guy with Justine (as Rick Livermore)
    Judith Hamilton Judith Hamilton - First Girl with Justine (as Clair Lumiere)
    Sue Flaken Sue Flaken - Second Girl with Justine
    Gerard Damiano Gerard Damiano - Man in Cell (as Albert Gork)
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