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After escaping from Hell, four souls experience a hell on Earth.
After escaping from Hell, four souls experience a hell on Earth.

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    • Author: Vobei
    I worked on the short film "Hells Paradox" in 1996 as production designer. Looking back at the film 15 years later, the film to me still both impresses, and disappoints.As anyone can tell you who has worked on a low budget film,on a very short schedule, things always go wrong on the set. Hells Paradox was no exception.The film however was shopped around in Hollywood, and over the years, you can actually see it's influence on films such as "The Other Side" and "Devils Rejects" (Rob Zombie was given a copy of the film in 1996)

    Robert Rundle created this film as a calling card, something quickly put together to show his own style of action and gore. Some portions of the film are pretty successful, the tight close-ups of the escaped 4 criminals, the close-ups of guns being loaded,the over-all raw and gritty graphic-Novel style of film making is actually ahead of it's time.

    The criticisms of the film are also warranted however.Expectations were high that an actual feature length film of this could have been made, but it never came about.
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    • Author: Xirmiu
    This is a short film about four guys who escape from Hell and go on a pointless killing rampage. Perhaps they are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse or perhaps they're just four jerks. And, by the end of the film I really didn't care.

    Wow--what a pointless pile of bile! Over and over throughout this short film I almost turned it off but kept watching because I assumed there must be some clever payoff at the end. No such luck! Instead, the film seemed like the work of very dumb people making a film for other really dumb people. That's the only explanation I have, as the dialog was just terrible. Despite being a short film, I wonder if they used the F-word (I don't think IMDb will allow me to use it) more than in all of SCARFACE or GOODFELLAS--and these both were full-length films!! To me, when I hear one obscenity after another after another, it doesn't really offend me--it just makes me think that the writers weren't very good. It's like they said to themselves "Wow--writing intelligent dialog is too hard--let's just have them curse non-stop!". Violent and vile but most importantly it was dumb and silly--not a good combination for any film!
  • Credited cast:
    Stephen Geoffreys Stephen Geoffreys - Rabbit
    P.J. P.J. - Demon Lamb
    Cassandra Gava Cassandra Gava - Woman
    Daron Wilson Daron Wilson - Man
    Deron Wilson Deron Wilson - Man
    Mike Nyman Mike Nyman - Contact (as Michael Nyman)
    Adam Diopter Adam Diopter - Creature
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Deborah Dutch Deborah Dutch - War Chick (as Debbie Dutch)
    Doug Jeffrey Doug Jeffrey - Caleb
    Lonnie Schuyler Lonnie Schuyler - Dane
    Steve Upton Steve Upton - Creature
    Vernon Wells Vernon Wells - Ghost Rider
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