» » Kill or be Killed (2017)

Short summary

Five years after the unusual deaths of a group of teenagers, paranormal investigator Max Archer interviews survivor Matt Swanson who is serving life in prison for the murder of his classmates - but Matt claims he is innocent and that the inhuman force that killed his friends is still after him. Matt recalls how he and his best friend Liam were ensnared into a deadly game of tag with their friends and why the game still isn't over.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Ed Sanders Ed Sanders - Liam Hutcherson
Tom Bott Tom Bott - Billy Crest
Montanna Thompson Montanna Thompson - Evie Kosko
Jack Binstead Jack Binstead - Samuel Van Der Williamson
Georgina Sherrington Georgina Sherrington - Miss Locklee
Kim Sønderholm Kim Sønderholm - Neil Kennedy
Aaron Ellis Aaron Ellis - Danny Tyler
Rachel Walters Rachel Walters - Hayley Clairee
Jordan Quinn Jordan Quinn - Matt Swanson
Abbie Mason Abbie Mason - Rachel van der Williamson
Poppy Allen-Quarmby Poppy Allen-Quarmby - Anna Tyler
Rachelle Payne Rachelle Payne - Lisa Clairee
Daniella Bowen Daniella Bowen - Kelly Miles
Natalie Martins Natalie Martins - Gemma Benward
Elizabeth Dickens Elizabeth Dickens - Joanna Clairee (as Elizabeth Platt)
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