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    • Author: Khiceog
    Some of the gags used were hilarious for instance Mel commented how like an army the cast and crew marches on it's stomach. giving a tour of the cantina the cook accidentally chops Mel's arm off with a meat cleaver to which a stray dog runs off with the severed limb leaving Mel chasing the mutt in an attempt to retrieve his arm.also there was this hook phrase He used throughout the video "Gee i hope no one's seen that!" Like someone pointing out Mel's arrival on the premises the cam pans to a vehicle speeding on the set Mel loses control and rolls the vehicle,thinking he could be injured Mel crawls out the side window getting up dusting himself off meanwhile looking around with an embarrassed expression comments "Gee i hope no one's seen that". Or in another circumstance where during what's supposed to be the segment of the film where Officers Briggs and Murtoff use explosives to blow up the villains house causing it to tumble down the hillside;In the behind the scenes video it shows Mel commenting on special effects of the film meanwhile accidentally leaning on the detonator setting off the explosives with the undesired results you see in the film,leaving you to believe that the stunt used in the film was caused by accident .Leaving Mel to only say (you guessed it)"gee i hope no one's seen that!" I just love those comical interludes that spruced up the behind the scenes.great gags.
  • Cast overview:
    Mel Gibson Mel Gibson - Himself
    Danny Glover Danny Glover - Himself
    Joe Pesci Joe Pesci - Himself
    Richard Donner Richard Donner - Himself
    Mark Canton Mark Canton - Himself
    Derrick O'Connor Derrick O'Connor - Himself
    Chevy Chase Chevy Chase - Himself
    Dan Aykroyd Dan Aykroyd - Himself
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