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There are those that say that making a documentary film on Harvey Weinstein is career suicide or in fact, personally dangerous. Others have warned me that Harvey will never allow the film to get distribution. I can't think of better reasons to proceed on a detailed account of one of the most intriguing and successful moguls in recent Hollywood history.

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    • Author: Rasmus
    This is a documentary that captures movie history on the run. The film tells the story of the much maligned movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein but in so doing tells us about the current state of Hollywood production. The thesis of the movie is that Harvey Weinstein with his brother has changed the face of Hollywood but leaves open the question of whether the change is for the better or the worse. It gives kudos to Weinstein for popularizing Indy films but points out present-day criticism that Weinstein's impact has been to kill independent productions an to inflate costs such that low budget arty films cannot now be made. It also begs us to consider whether the genius of Harvey Weinstein was in his sharp business acumen or whether he is a misunderstood artiste. Can he be both? It never suggests he was anything other than a genius whatever label we attribute to him. The movie may be "unauthorized" but in the end it is a love story for Harvey Weinstein. The movie audience will come away believing that Harvey may lack tact but he has been a force for good ultimately in flavouring our appreciation for all varieties of film
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    Matt Affleck Matt Affleck - Himself (archive footage)
    Ken Auletta Ken Auletta - Himself
    Peter Bart Peter Bart - Himself
    Peter Biskind Peter Biskind - Himself
    Eamonn Bowles Eamonn Bowles - Himself
    David Carr David Carr - Himself
    George Christy George Christy - Himself
    Matt Damon Matt Damon - Himself (archive footage)
    Alan M. Dershowitz Alan M. Dershowitz - Himself
    Mark Gill Mark Gill - Himself
    Piers Handling Piers Handling - Himself
    George Hickenlooper George Hickenlooper - Himself
    John Irving John Irving - Himself
    James Ivory James Ivory - Himself
    Ross Johnson Ross Johnson - Himself
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