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Louise is responsible for getting a plaque made for the Neighborhood Help Center's Volunteer of the Year. She sends Florence on an errand to take the plaque to her engraver to be made. Florence returns later with the engraved plaque, telling Louise that she took the award to another engraver and made a date with him. Louise didn't mind at first; however, when she discovered that an error was made on the plaque, she blames Florence for not following directions, which lead to a scolding of other mistakes she said Florence made. Florence counters back with faults she finds in Louise, and the two go on to bicker back and forth, with George stuck in the middle of the commotion.

When Louise and George are arguing about what work Florence doesnt do, the outside goes from day to night in one blink.

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    • Author: nadness
    I saw this episode when i was about 9 years old in 1985 during reruns. For some reason or another i always remembered this episode since then. When i think of a Jeffersons episodes , this would be the one to remember. The fight between Louise and Florence was a classic, as we usually see George and Florence going at it. But if you haven't seen this episode, this one is a classic one to enjoy!

    This episode is different from all the others we see. It doesn't involve George and Florence bickering at each other, but a tasteful argument between two friends and that in the end becomes a happy resolution. I think this is probrably one of the best episodes during the 6th season , and furthermore , the character Florence has made for herself during the 5th season on has become a classic character to remember.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Isabel Sanford Isabel Sanford - Louise Jefferson
    Sherman Hemsley Sherman Hemsley - George Jefferson
    Marla Gibbs Marla Gibbs - Florence Johnston
    Dorothy Butts Dorothy Butts - Mrs. Van Morris
    Fred D. Scott Fred D. Scott - Mr. Van Morris
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