» » Die Jeffersons Mr. Piano Man (1975–1985)

Short summary

George likes the idea of boosting his classy ans luxurious image, so he asks Louise to purchase a piano for their home, despite knowing that no one around can play one. George later becomes positive the piano will impress Mr. Whittendale, a wealthy banker whom he always wanted to meet, but due to Florence's impudent behavior, the piano purchased turns out to be far too big for the apartment.

Episode cast overview:
Isabel Sanford Isabel Sanford - Louise Jefferson
Sherman Hemsley Sherman Hemsley - George Jefferson
Roxie Roker Roxie Roker - Helen Willis
Franklin Cover Franklin Cover - Tom Willis
Zara Cully Zara Cully - Mother Olivia Jefferson
Berlinda Tolbert Berlinda Tolbert - Jenny Willis
Mike Evans Mike Evans - Lionel Jefferson
Paul Benedict Paul Benedict - Harry Bentley
Marla Gibbs Marla Gibbs - Florence Johnston
Ivor Francis Ivor Francis - Mr. Curtis
Rozelle Gayle Rozelle Gayle - Bill Simpson
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