» » Doctors Storm in a Teacup (2000– )

Short summary

When his patient tells him about his blind date in a teashop (he knows nothing about tea, and is a bit apprehensive), it makes Heston think about his own life. So he arranges a blind date for himself! He ends up at the same tea shop as his patient, so teaches him a thing or two about tea! Freya gets told off by the pharmacist - Kevin didn't pass on her message, so she tries to find out what he knows about her prescription mistake. Mrs Tembe has Cameron's help to clear all the muck and paint daubed on her windows. His dad is not happy though, when he finds out.

Episode cast overview:
Owen Brenman Owen Brenman - Dr. Heston Carter
Adrian Lewis Morgan Adrian Lewis Morgan - Dr. Jimmi Clay
Matthew Chambers Matthew Chambers - Dr. Daniel Granger
Elisabeth Dermot Walsh Elisabeth Dermot Walsh - Dr. Zara Carmichael
Lu Corfield Lu Corfield - Dr. Freya Wilson
Simon Rivers Simon Rivers - Dr. Kevin Tyler
Sophie Abelson Sophie Abelson - Cherry Malone
Diane Keen Diane Keen - Julia Parsons
Jan Pearson Jan Pearson - Karen Hollins
Lorna Laidlaw Lorna Laidlaw - Mrs. Tembe
Laurence Saunders Laurence Saunders - Trevor Waterhouse
Sohm Kapila Sohm Kapila - Chanda Malik
Charlie Kenyon Charlie Kenyon - Cameron Waterhouse
David Schaal David Schaal - Richard Miller
Esther Coles Esther Coles - Dot Tempest
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