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Butch's pen pal from Canada comes for a surprise visit.

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    • Author: Andronrad
    Butch is surprised with a visit from his pen pal from Manitoba, Canada, Billy Hunter (Lee Joe Casey). He says his parents let him hitchhike alone to see him. The professor (Richard Long) and Nanny (Juliet Mills) can't find his parents by phone at the address Butch had been writing to him at. A phone call soon reveals that Billy is an orphan and a Mr. Jackwith (Fredd Wayne) is coming from Manitoba to take Billy back to a boy's home. Nanny and the professor decide to not tell him until later so he can enjoy his time there. The next day the family goes to Butch's Cub Scouts fair where he is entering a terrarium. Billy helps a young woman Mrs. Parsons (Carolyn Conwell, who played the farmer's wife in "Torn Curtain") track down her hat that has flown away. She and her husband Mr. Parsons (Van Williams), the school policeman, are grateful to Billy, who they've quickly grown fond of. When Billy finds that Mr. Jackwith has come for him he runs away and Butch joins him. Professor follows them to have a heart-to-heart talk to hopefully instill a new perspective. A predictable episode devoid of laughs, but a happy ending.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Juliet Mills Juliet Mills - Nanny
    Richard Long Richard Long - Professor Everett
    David Doremus David Doremus - Hal
    Trent Lehman Trent Lehman - Butch
    Kim Richards Kim Richards - Prudence
    Lee Joe Casey Lee Joe Casey - Billy Hunter (as Lee Casey)
    Van Williams Van Williams - Mr. Parsons
    Carolyn Conwell Carolyn Conwell - Mrs. Parsons
    Fredd Wayne Fredd Wayne - Mr. Jackwith
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