» » Gordon Ramsays Höllenküche 18 Chefs Compete (2005– )

Short summary

Chef Gordon Ramsay welcomes the latest batch of 18 contestants into the kitchen. The contestants jump right in to the challenge, after Chef Ramsay splits the chefs into two teams: men (blue) vs. women (red) and asks them to present their signature dishes in front of a live audience. The winning team will earn a star-studded night with William Shatner, while the losing team prepares the dining room for the first dinner service. Later, during their first dinner service, the contestants struggle to work together, with Chef Ramsay ultimately kicking one team out of the kitchen. Find out which contestants will continue on and who will be the first chef eliminated.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay - Himself - Chef
James Avery James Avery - Himself - Sous Chef
Andi Van Willigan Andi Van Willigan - Herself - Sous Chef (as Andrea Van Willigan)
Marino Monferrato Marino Monferrato - Himself - Maitre D'
Sarah Baumert Sarah Baumert - Herself - Contestant (as Sarah)
Josh Trovato Josh Trovato - Himself - Contestant (as Joshua)
Alison Rivera Alison Rivera - Herself - Contestant (as Alison)
Michael Dussault Michael Dussault - Himself - Contestant (as Michael)
Christine Hazel Christine Hazel - Herself - Contestant (as Christine)
Milly Medley Milly Medley - Himself - Contestant (as Milly)
Meghan Gill Meghan Gill - Herself - Contestant (as Meghan)
Randy Bell Randy Bell - Himself - Contestant (as Randy)
Monique Booker Monique Booker - Herself - Contestant (as Monique)
Cameron Spagnolo Cameron Spagnolo - Himself - Contestant (as Cameron)
Brendan Pelley Brendan Pelley - Himself - Contestant (as Brendan)
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