» » Hell's Kitchen Final Three; All-Star Finale (2005– )

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Three finalists must cook and perfect their menus; two advance to the finale. The remaining chefs pick from the season's past contestants to help in the final dinner service; the winner is announced.

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    • Author: Detenta
    Just like she ruined season 9 for me. All from her drama and constant arguments with the other contestants. I would've rated this season higher If she was eliminated earlier in the season therefore, I would've been able to enjoy the rest of the season without all the drama that was created mostly by her. This show should be carried and relying on cooking and competition and not on childish arguments from full grown adults that are trying to enter a professional working career. If it this was a real kitchen they should know to leave all the personal tensions among each other at the door and if they don't they would've been fired on day two. Any owner of any eating establishment wouldn't stand for any personal disagreements with each other. I'm actually surprised who the winner was but I am satisfied because the runner up who was a contestant from season 7 said in an episode from season 7 that "rice is considered poor food." And I found that to be borderline racist.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay - Himself - Chef
    James 'Jocky' Petrie James 'Jocky' Petrie - Himself - Sous Chef
    Christina Wilson Christina Wilson - Herself - Sous Chef
    Marino Monferrato Marino Monferrato - Himself - Maitre D'
    Jason Thompson Jason Thompson - Voice Over Artist (voice)
    Michelle Tribble Michelle Tribble - Herself - Contestant & Finalist (as Michelle)
    Benjamin Knack Benjamin Knack - Himself - Contestant & Finalist (as Benjamin)
    Nick Peters Nick Peters - Himself - Contestant & Team Michelle (as Nick)
    Sean McBurney Sean McBurney - Himself - Guest Judge
    Cory Johnson Cory Johnson - Himself - Guest Judge
    Gary Selesner Gary Selesner - Himself - Guest Judge
    Tom Jenkin Tom Jenkin - Himself - Guest Judge
    Mark Frissora Mark Frissora - Himself - Guest Judge
    Van Hurd Van Hurd - Himself - Team Benjamin (as Van)
    Robyn Almodovar Robyn Almodovar - Herself - Team Benjamin (as Robyn)
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