» » Ichiban (2014)

Short summary

A brave artisan is stuck in the monotonous world of conformity and harsh labor. The conditions are brutal as she works under an abusive inconsiderate chain-smoking boss. One day she defies him and refuses to work. She is restless and tired of being treated poorly. A fight scene in the warehouse where she is employed breaks out between her and the boss. She is unable to overpower him, but manages to escape. She fights her way out and ends up on the street playing her flute and wondering aimlessly until she is met by a helping hand. Her underground lair is revealed; where she trains vigorously and begins to create her own designs. She no longer fears her thoughts of diversity and embraces her individual strengths and style. Once ready she returns to the warehouse. As she approaches the overpowering building she sees the owner looking down at her from a fire escape smoking a cigarette. He recognizes there is a formidable change in her presence. He has the fear of war in his eyes.

Credited cast:
Kimmy Suzuki Kimmy Suzuki - Anicca
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Willie Brown Willie Brown - Restless Mayhem
Brian Walters Brian Walters - Market
Kenny Wong Kenny Wong - The Boss
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