» » No Smoking (2017)

Short summary

Nel Kapoor, a young business executive checks into a motel while on his way to Melbourne through regional victoria. The owner and operator of the motel Peter Warbuton, is a strange and eccentric man who insists that smoking is strongly prohibited inside his premises. In fact there's No Smoking signs everywhere. One above the reception, few in the corridors and one even in the room. A frustrated Nel tries to breaks the rules but, he doesn't expect what's coming for him. After all, Peter Warbuton has one dark secret.

Credited cast:
Sreed Sathiamoorthy Sreed Sathiamoorthy - Guest (as Sreedharan Sathiamoorthy)
Mark Robert Walters Mark Robert Walters - Peter Warbuton
Niranga Kaluarachchi Niranga Kaluarachchi - Nel Kapoor
Victoria Teh Victoria Teh - Dead Woman (as Vixey Teh)
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