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Short summary

Marsha returns home one day, and is furious when she finds out that her beloved "Home Sweet Home" pillow is ruined. She quickly accuses of Wesley of his actions, but Wesley denies any of it, and soon, everyone has a different account of what happened. But unbeknown to George and Marsha, Wesley is actually the "fall guy", and soon, evidence begins to emerge of what really happened.

In this episode Kevin brings home a drunken Rosemary Rabinsky (Debbie Barker) who proceeds to get sick in his parents room. This is the second time Debbie Barker plays Kevin's girlfriend. She previously plays Paula Sweeney (Easy Sweeney) in season 3 when Kevin is trying to lose his virginity.

In this episode Debbie Barker plays Lola. The female gambler in Mr. Belvedere's daydream. This is The third character that Debbie Barker plays in the series. She also plays Rosemary Rabinsky in this episode, along with her character Paula Sweeney (Easy Sweeney) in season three episode four titled "Kevin's Date".

Episode cast overview:
Christopher Hewett Christopher Hewett - Mr. Lynn Aloysius Belvedere
Ilene Graff Ilene Graff - Marsha Cameron Owens
Rob Stone Rob Stone - Kevin Owens
Tracy Wells Tracy Wells - Heather Owens
Brice Beckham Brice Beckham - Wesley T. Owens
Bob Uecker Bob Uecker - George Owens
Debbie Barker Debbie Barker - Rosemary / Lola
Michael Goldfinger Michael Goldfinger - Messenger / Henri
Michael Villani Michael Villani - TV Announcer (voice)
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