» » Mr. Belvedere The Counselor (1985–1990)

Short summary

Wesley's summer camp experience is marred by a counselor who gains his trust, and then betrays it with the manner in which he attempts to touch him. He is afraid to come forward with the truth until the man decides to take another one of the boys under his wing.

This episode also does not show Mr. Belvedere writing a note of events, in his diary. As it concludes, the concluding scene has duo of Wesley T. Owens, acted by Brice Beckham & leading role, Mr. Lynn Aloysois Belvedere, portrayed by Christopher Hewett, warning the television listeners to become aware, at camps of any type, especially those that are trouble making. If you see one, completely avoid him or her.

The only episode that Mr. Belvedere does not write a note in his diary.

Episode cast overview:
Christopher Hewett Christopher Hewett - Mr. Lynn Aloysius Belvedere
Ilene Graff Ilene Graff - Marsha Cameron Owens
Rob Stone Rob Stone - Kevin Owens
Tracy Wells Tracy Wells - Heather Owens
Brice Beckham Brice Beckham - Wesley T. Owens
Bob Uecker Bob Uecker - George Owens
Michael Horton Michael Horton - Perry
Diana Bellamy Diana Bellamy - Miss Pritchard
Justin Gocke Justin Gocke - Kyle
Channa Abbott Channa Abbott
Marc Uda Marc Uda
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