» » Really Bend It Like Beckham (2004)

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A show to learn David Beckham's skills and free kicks.

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    • Author: Preve
    Excellent set of football lessons from one of the legends of football... David Beckham. Behind all those Armani suits and flashy hairdos, lies the man shown in this video... David Beckham, doing what he does best, kicking the football with that glorious right foot of his. Very inspirational and helpful, especially for youngsters. The technical guidelines for each part of footballing is essential, though not enough, to make you a Beckham. The set of kids are also very skillful for their age, if that is the talent the English still have, they will rise again someday.

    Also, the interviews about the past glorious moments in Beckham's career tell you how it feels to be OUT THERE, and inspire you to really try to take up football as a career.
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    David Beckham David Beckham - Himself
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