» » 60 Minutes Don't Ask, Don't Tell/Lifeline/David Beckham (1968– )

Short summary

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" rebroadcasts a segment on the U.S. military's policy on homosexuality. "Lifeline" rebroadcasts a segment on a group of doctors who are trying to bring free medicine to remote parts of the world. "David Beckham" rebroadcasts a profile on the soccer star. "Andy Rooney" talks about milk.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Lesley Stahl Lesley Stahl - Herself - Correspondent (segment "Don't Ask, Don't Tell")
Darren Manzella Darren Manzella - Himself - Army Sergeant (segment "Don't Ask, Don't Tell") (archive footage)
Cholene Espinoz Cholene Espinoz - Herself - Former Air Force Captain (segment "Don't Ask, Don't Tell") (archive footage)
Daniel Davis Daniel Davis - Himself - Army Major (segment "Don't Ask, Don't Tell") (archive footage)
Jarrod Chlapowski Jarrod Chlapowski - Himself - Army Linguist (segment "Don't Ask, Don't Tell") (archive footage)
Brian Fricke Brian Fricke - Himself - Marine Corps Avionics Technician (segment "Don't Ask, Don't Tell") (archive footage)
David Santos David Santos - Himself - Navy Linguist (segment "Don't Ask, Don't Tell") (archive footage)
Steve Lorandos Steve Lorandos - Himself - Navy Submarine Mechanic (segment "Don't Ask, Don't Tell") (archive footage)
Alan West Alan West - Himself - British Admiral (segment "Don't Ask, Don't Tell") (archive footage)
Duncan Hunter Duncan Hunter - Himself - Representative, California (segment "Don't Ask, Don't Tell") (archive footage)
Scott Pelley Scott Pelley - Himself - Correspondent (segment "Lifeline")
Marty Tankersley Marty Tankersley - Himself - Patient (segment "Lifeline") (archive footage)
Stan Brock Stan Brock - Himself - Remote Area Medical Clinic (segment "Lifeline") (archive footage)
Ross Isaacs Ross Isaacs - Himself - Doctor (segment "Lifeline") (archive footage)
Teresa Gardner Teresa Gardner - Herself - Nurse (segment "Lifeline") (archive footage)
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