» » Sensazioni (2005)

Short summary

Brigitta (Brigitta Bulgari) lets herself loose like never before and invites her friends to experiment for one night her sexual desires. Whether she participates or just watch, the high class model doesn't want to waste a single minute from her planned torrid night.

Credited cast:
Greg Centauro Greg Centauro
Anastasia Christ Anastasia Christ
Krystal de Boor Krystal de Boor
Brigitta Kocsis Brigitta Kocsis
Francesco Malcom Francesco Malcom
Gabriel Montoya Gabriel Montoya
Marco Nero Marco Nero
Anita Queen Anita Queen
Ian Scott Ian Scott - (as Yann Scott)
Julie Silver Julie Silver
Remigio Zampa Remigio Zampa
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