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Lamont moves out after a fight with Fred, but Fred lures his son back by agreeing to allow Lamont's eccentric encounter group to hold its meeting in their home. This episode introduces the recurring character Ah Chew.

Fred says he needs to attend Lamont's encounter group "like Nixon needs a tape deck," a reference to the Watergate scandal in which secret tape recordings made by President Nixon were instrumental in bringing about his resignation in August 1974 (less than two months before this episode aired).

The late character actor Ted Harris made his debut here in this show, in a bit as one of the members of Lamont's eccentric group. He is the one Fred tells to please take off his "hat" in his house. (It's not a hat but Ted's big Afro hair!)

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    • Author: Mall
    "There'll Be Some Changes Made" introduced Pat Morita as neighbor Ah Chew, a total of seven episodes, while actress Fritzi Burr would be the perfect straight woman for Fred's putdowns over a stretch of ten entries. Ah Chew is a member of Lamont's encounter group, which Fred refuses to allow in his house, comparing their 'touchy-feely' attitude to a massage parlor! Lamont storms out to live next door with Julio until his father gives in, though the group's unorthodox methods leave him in a daze. Fritzi Burr as Maureen begins to cluck like a chicken: "we might be all here, but she ain't all there!" Lamont gets tongue tied trying to divulge his father's good qualities, hardly noticeable under the circumstances! His next meeting with Esther shows how little he learned from the group: "you are overly generous, every time you open up your mouth you give away your ignorance." The unbilled Ted Harris sports the same afro he wore as the first victim of William Marshall in the 1972 "Blacula."
  • Episode cast overview:
    Redd Foxx Redd Foxx - Fred G. Sanford
    Demond Wilson Demond Wilson - Lamont Sanford
    LaWanda Page LaWanda Page - Aunt Esther Anderson
    Pat Morita Pat Morita - Ah Chew
    Fritzi Burr Fritzi Burr - Maureen
    Rai Tasco Rai Tasco - Murray
    Sarah Fankboner Sarah Fankboner - Francine
    Noel De Souza Noel De Souza - Salim
    Eduardo Ricard Eduardo Ricard - Harry
    Jayne Kennedy Jayne Kennedy - Brenda
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