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Lamont and Rollo don't want to invite fuddy-duddy Fred to their party with a pair of live-wire women from Detroit.

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    • Author: Styphe
    "The Party Crasher" turned out to be the final third season episode for Redd Foxx, who decided to hold out for the next nine episodes (including the first three from season four), Whitman Mayo's Grady Wilson preventing the show's ratings from dipping. Rollo has a romantic evening set up for Lamont's place, but only if Fred accepts a free fishing cruise to Catalina: "while I'm out there on the boat chasin' yellowtail, what y'all gonna be chasin'?" Since Fred won't be a party to any party to which he's not invited he refuses to allow his house to be used: "why don't you just take these two tickets and go on that boat ride like a nice old man and watch the big dipper?" "man I ain't going' nowhere I'm stayin' right here, damn a dipper!" Despite Rollo's assertion that his apartment is too small they wind up there with Della (Della Thomas) and Angel (Angela Gibbs), who'd rather drink ripple than Rollo's Beaujolais, which Fred can't even pronounce: "first time you run into a guy with two chicks and a bottle of that beaujo...oh, get the hell outta here!" Of the many great bits, we hear Rollo engage in a serious discussion with Lamont about living with his father: "most cats cut out when they're 16, you got to cut out sometime - how old are you?" "31!" "what you waiting' on, Medicare?" The perfect capper has "The Party Crasher" ending with a hilariously audible crash!
  • Episode cast overview:
    Redd Foxx Redd Foxx - Fred G. Sanford
    Demond Wilson Demond Wilson - Lamont Sanford
    Nathaniel Taylor Nathaniel Taylor - Rollo Larson
    Della Thomas Della Thomas - Della
    Angela Elayne Gibbs Angela Elayne Gibbs - Angel (as Angela Gibbs)
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