» » Home and Away Episode #1.6523 (1988– )

Short summary

Kat leaves Ash after their liaison, telling him it can't happen again, although Phoebe and Billie soon work it out. She meets him on the beach to tell him to keep quiet but instead they sleep together again; Kat tells him she loves him but they have to keep their relationship secret until her probation is over. Nate and Samantha discharge Billie from hospital. Zac misses her homecoming because of a meeting but gives several different explanations for what it was. Billie starts to talk to VJ but changes her mind when she sees he and Leah have done up their room for the baby. Samantha finds out someone has changed Billie's dates on the computer. Nate confronts her and she admits she always knew VJ wasn't the father. Nate storms out, saying someone needs to tell him.

Episode cast overview:
Ray Meagher Ray Meagher - Alf Stewart
Ada Nicodemou Ada Nicodemou - Leah Patterson
Georgie Parker Georgie Parker - Roo Stewart
Charlie Clausen Charlie Clausen - Zac MacGuire
Kyle Pryor Kyle Pryor - Nate Cooper
Isabella Giovinazzo Isabella Giovinazzo - Phoebe Nicholson
George Mason George Mason - Martin Ashford
Pia Miller Pia Miller - Katarina Chapman
Matt Little Matt Little - VJ Patterson
Tessa de Josselin Tessa de Josselin - Billie Ashford
Alyson Standen Alyson Standen - Dr. Samantha Benson
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