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Two business partners have revived an iconic family restaurant chain, only to run it right back into the ground. If Marcus Lemonis can't help restore some leadership to this beloved brand, it'll melt down - this time for good.

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    • Author: AGAD
    I came across The Profit CNBC and the Farrell's Ice Cream episode was beginning. I enjoyed Farrell's as a kid so I watch it. Basically, the owners got themselves into trouble with in-fighting and declining sales. Marcus Lemonis comes in to try to help them by investing. All was good until I began to notice that the show really focused on the drama. But the bigger issue was that during the drama scenes I began to notice that when the camera would go back and forth, a tie color on one of them would be changing. The one most obvious was a manager, Travis who was sitting at a table with Marcus and the owners. His hair went from 1 inch long to a military buzz cut back and forth. So these scenes were filmed on different days and probably different month. If the show is supposed to be "real" it's obviously not. If they are lying to us about filming, what else in the show is fake? Is this an example of fake news getting caught? For me if a want fake drama, I'll watch Chicago Fire not The Profit. I'm out.
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