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Bizzare comedy series about a father and 3 sons as they run a funeral parlour in Wales.

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    • Author: catterpillar
    "Fun At The Funeral Parlour" is a disturbingly understated masterpiece of offbeat contemporary comedy. Having stumbled upon it by coincidence late one night on British Satellite TV I was pleasantly surprised with my discovery. The show hasn't been overly advertised and, thus, a smaller than deserved audience has been netted, although I'm sure that anyone who has had the fortune to witness "Fun At The Funeral Parlour" has become an instant fan. Anyone who gives this show a try should keep an eye out for regular appearances by "Fast Show" and other British comedy actors and guest appearances by other well known British celebrities (Art Malik, Brian Blessed...). In summation - the most original, outlandish, unusual, brilliant comedy to be written. We await the next series'!!!
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    • Author: Enalonasa
    I found Fun at the Funeral Parlour by accident on a DVD website, I am so glad I did! If I had to describe the show I would call it a mixture of, The Young Ones meet The Marx Brothers in Slade prison. I cant understand why it was never shown in Australia, and why it didn't go on for season after season, by the end of season two, the writing and acting was tight, brilliant and very funny! All the actors did a fantastic job, and Rhys Thomas has to be highly commended for both his acting and writing skills! Lets get another series going!! P.S. I loved seeing Christopher Ryan(Mike from The Young Ones) playing an Oompa Loompa, I laughed myself stupid at that!!
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    • Author: Sharpbrew
    I saw a DVD of this show in a Charity Shop and decided to give it a try - it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. The show is wonderfully funny, even though it is clearly not a big-budget production. So long as you have some understanding of the Welsh (the same way you need to understand a little about Yorkshire to appreciate Beiderbecke Affair/Connection properly) you will probably love this quirky comedy - and you will never see the Fiat Panda the way ever again! The DVD leads the viewer to season two first, which is fine because the programme had developed its identity by then and - frankly - the second season had more money spent on it than the first and had the advantage that Brian May of Queen admired it so much he recorded a new theme tune. Some excellent guest performers (Brian Blessed & Bill Odie to name but two)and the main characters play off each other beautifully. Well worth a watch!
  • Series cast summary:
    William Thomas William Thomas - Ivor Thomas 13 episodes, 2001-2002
    Alex Lowe Alex Lowe - Arwell Thomas 13 episodes, 2001-2002
    Rhys Thomas Rhys Thomas - Percy Thomas / - 12 episodes, 2001-2002
    Tony Way Tony Way - Gwynne Thomas 12 episodes, 2001-2002
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