» » Jamaica Motel (2006)

Short summary

Jamaica Motel shows you the underworld of drugs, prostitution, and undercover cops that exists in Miami's Little Havana. This film is set during one night of heavy "traffic." Three rooms in this motel are all interconnected through their own activities and stories. Jamaica Motel takes you to this infamous neighborhood, where on any given night, different motivations and personalities can collide with disastrous effects. >

Credited cast:
Michael Cardelle Michael Cardelle - Mike
Andres Dominguez Andres Dominguez - Raul
Michele Lepe Michele Lepe - Miriam
Monica Minagorri Monica Minagorri - Caro
Jock Mitchell Jock Mitchell - Clerk
Romeo Salgado Romeo Salgado - Captain
Tropyco Tropyco - Gomez
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