» » Route 68 Motel (2016)

Short summary

"Lake Motel" is a film about a twisted individual and his obsession with death. Matt and Olivia are "on a date", drugged out on hallucinogens, and completely in love. Unfortunately they fall victim to the Lake Motel Psychopath. Months later, a massive storm blocks a main highway with debris. Everyone is forced to take a detour down old 'Route 68'. The weather becomes critical; the lives of the people still on the road are at risk. A few groups manage to find shelter at the Lake Motel...

Credited cast:
Xhemi Agaj Xhemi Agaj - Eric
Krasnica Arben Krasnica Arben
Tanya Biszko Tanya Biszko - Tania
Robert Correa Robert Correa
Mary Ryelle Espiritu Mary Ryelle Espiritu - News Caster
Jasmine Gawdis Jasmine Gawdis - Jasmine
Sako Kababji Sako Kababji
Alket Kellici Alket Kellici - Bruce
Iryna Khuda Iryna Khuda - Irena
Werner Lopez Werner Lopez
Calvin Luga Calvin Luga
Laetitia Luga Laetitia Luga
Liudmyla Lypska Liudmyla Lypska - Angela
Skye MacDonald Skye MacDonald
Kelsea Meredith Kelsea Meredith
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