» » Thuis Episode #16.145 (1995– )

Short summary

Freddy reports his first success with Waldek to Luc. He wants money for it, but Luc is only willing to pay for real results. Jenny asks Rosa what she would have answered if Waldek had asked her. Waldek will always be her best friend, but she's not sure if she ever wants more with him. Peggy thinks 200.000 euro for the Noorderzon is far too much. Femke would have liked Peggy to buy it, but she needs that money and she will let Peter sell it for her. She informs Rafael about the situation. She wants Rafael to leave, because he makes it difficult for her with Nancy. He asks her why she just doesn't tell Nancy the truth about him. That he's a child of Mike too. Dominique tries to provoke Nancy, by saying Nina has a beautiful wedding-dress and the wedding is soon. Nancy feels very jealous. Peter is fitted for a wedding-suit. While Nina is very busy with it, his mind isn't with it. Franky and Bram are back home. Frank tells Franky that he's never met a more loving woman than Simonne and he ...

Episode credited cast:
Ilse Bervoets Ilse Bervoets - Couturiere
Janine Bischops Janine Bischops - Jenny Verbeeck
Myriam Bronzwaar Myriam Bronzwaar - Julia Van Capelle
Maarten Claeyssens Maarten Claeyssens - Rafael Campo
Clara Cleymans Clara Cleymans - Nina Oostvoghels
Andrea Croonenberghs Andrea Croonenberghs - Dominique Vertongen
Bart Dauwe Bart Dauwe - Freddy Colpaert
Yves De Ceuster Yves De Ceuster - Dokter
Merel De Vilder Robier Merel De Vilder Robier - Bianca Bomans
Noureddine Farihi Noureddine Farihi - Mo Fawzi
Geert Hunaerts Geert Hunaerts - Peter Vlerick
Tina Maerevoet Tina Maerevoet - Paulien Snackaert
Marleen Merckx Marleen Merckx - Simonne Bomans-Backx
Walter Moeremans Walter Moeremans - Leo Vertongen
Ann Pira Ann Pira - Nancy De Grote
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