» » Thuis Episode #16.116 (1995– )

Short summary

Paulien thinks Franky is jealous of her and Bram, so he should find a love of his own. Bram thinks Franky is still too busy thinking about his father. Bram apologizes to Franky about his behavior from last night. Luc says it's time for Franky to better himself and he gives him the annual report of Sanitechniek and asks what conclusions he can draw from it. Franky comes to the same conclusion as Luc, that they need extra personnel to get better results this year. Franky also believes his father should see the report, for he is half share holder. Julia finds it strange that Cois is still in Spain waiting for his mother to settle in. But she still doesn't want to go on her date with Serge from the auction last week. Ann is back home and can't wait to hold Sandrine in her arms again. Peggy brings her around midday. She finds it very difficult after a week saying goodbye to Sandrine. Peggy thinks Femke is lying somehow, because certain things don't add up around her. Nancy thinks Femke is ...

Episode credited cast:
Janine Bischops Janine Bischops - Jenny Verbeeck
Clara Cleymans Clara Cleymans - Nina Oostvoghels
Merel De Vilder Robier Merel De Vilder Robier - Bianca Bomans
Noureddine Farihi Noureddine Farihi - Mo Fawzi
Geert Hunaerts Geert Hunaerts - Peter Vlerick
Tina Maerevoet Tina Maerevoet - Paulien Snackaert
Ann Pira Ann Pira - Nancy De Grote
Peter Rouffaer Peter Rouffaer - Geert Smeekens
Annick Segal Annick Segal - Rosa Verbeeck
Leah Thys Leah Thys - Marianne Smeekens-Bastiaens
Sally-Jane Van Hoorenbeeck Sally-Jane Van Hoorenbeeck - Peggy Verbeeck
Monika Van Lierde Monika Van Lierde - Ann De Decker
Bert Verbeke Bert Verbeke - Bram Schepers
Braam Verreth Braam Verreth - Franky Bomans
Vanya Wellens Vanya Wellens - Femke Fierens
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