» » KYTV Pilot: Siege-Side Special (1989–1993)

Short summary

The episode begins with a continuity announcement from BBC 2, announcing the historic first crossing-over to KYTV's feed. The KYTV continuity announcer (caught in the middle of a tantalizingly rude-sounding news item) tells us that the embassy of the Turks & Caicos Islands has been taken over by terrorists. Then he throws to a commercial for Nutty Choc.Mike Flex welcomes us to KYTV's "Siege Side Special", and throws to Mike Channel, doing on-the-spot reporting outside the embassy.Anna Daptor shows us the results of a poll on what action should be taken to end the siege, does a remote interview with the Police Commissioner outside the besieged embassy, then throws to Martin Brown who interviews Sir Antony Trollope, MP. Martin then sets off for the embassy, and we get a commercial for the KYTV satellite dish.Mike Flex leads a panel discussion of experts who'd rushed over as soon as they realized there was a chance of getting on TV. They're interrupted for a statement from the Prime ...

Episode cast overview:
Helen Atkinson Wood Helen Atkinson Wood - Anna Daptor / June / Various
Angus Deayton Angus Deayton - Mike Channel / Sir Anthony Trollop MP / Various
Michael Fenton Stevens Michael Fenton Stevens - Martin Brown / Christopher Coot / Various
Geoffrey Perkins Geoffrey Perkins - Mike Flex / Various
Philip Pope Philip Pope - Continuity Announcer / Police Commissioner Compton / Various
Peter Cellier Peter Cellier - General John Wigg
Paul B. Davies Paul B. Davies
David Hatton David Hatton
Chris Lang Chris Lang
Caroline Leddy Caroline Leddy - Mary
Geoffrey McGivern Geoffrey McGivern - Professor
Steve Nallon Steve Nallon - Margaret Thatcher
Maxine Ostwald Maxine Ostwald
Lucy Wisdom Lucy Wisdom
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