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A Russian spy penetrates into the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon to try to kill a Soviet defector under asylum there.

Gorenko is to be flown out in the C141a Starlifter (ser. 64-0624; C/N 300-6037, 437th MAW) that is seen at the airport. On Thursday 12 July, 1984, that aircraft was destroyed in a fatal accident shortly after take-off from Sigonella Naval Airfield in Sicily. No. 3 engine experienced an uncontained failure. Debris was ejected which caused no. 4 engine to also fail. Debris also entered the cargo compartment, starting a fire in a pallet containing paint. The cargo fire produced thick, toxic smoke which made visual control of the aircraft extremely difficult. The aircraft entered a steep bank and crashed within 198 seconds of takeoff. All 8 crew members and the single passenger on board were killed.

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    • Author: Mayno
    It looks as if this cinematic essay in crime n' politics is quite rare. It is equipped with a cast that includes Max von Sydow, Ray Milland and Broderick Crawford and has a story with potential: A Russian working in the Ministry of Defense wants political asylum after his son is taken to the Gulag. He enters the US embassy in Beirut, only to be perpetrated by brute force killer Chuck Connors. Doesn't sound so bad, really; but it all is done in the manner of a TV movie. There are moments of thrill, but then again, no less moments of cheesy dialogue and bad cinematography. Among the actors, Connors stands out as sort of the personification of evil, but the script doesn't allow him to display all traits of his character. In essence, this film – if you can find it, since it has quite a few alternative titles – is fun to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but doesn't fit for repeated viewing.
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    • Author: Lonesome Orange Kid
    A pleasant enough diversion which somehow should have produced more wallop, considering all the name people in the cast. I was in that cast playing the part of Rylands, as Karl Held. I was greeted at the airport with the news that my role had been increased in size and importance. I wrongly assumed that they would boost my billing accordingly. They did not. My mistake. Had a great time working with the many well established names, and hanging out in Beirut and Syria. Top notch cinematographer, Raoul Coutard was on the job. He was a big help to all of us Background noise on the sound track necessitated looping entire performances in a London sound studio. Performances suffered in the process, perhaps not all that much, but they were negatively affected; although mine received a nice mention in the London Times. "Laid back and intelligent performance" in another review. Also, a tough row to hoe for many of us in the cast, was getting "the bug" despite our precautions of shunning the water and local cooking...the show must go on. In the end, though, all that counts is what's on the screen. Yes, it should have been better, but,in my opinion,it was hardly a disaster.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Richard Roundtree Richard Roundtree - Richard 'Dick' Shannon
    Chuck Connors Chuck Connors - Kesten
    Marie-José Nat Marie-José Nat - Laure
    Ray Milland Ray Milland - Ambassador
    Broderick Crawford Broderick Crawford - Frank Dunniger
    Max von Sydow Max von Sydow - Gorenko
    David Bauer David Bauer - Kadish
    Larry Cross Larry Cross - Gamble
    David Healy David Healy - Phelan
    Karl Held Karl Held - Rylands
    Sarah Marshall Sarah Marshall - Miss Harding
    Dee Pollock Dee Pollock - Stacey
    Leila Buheiry Leila Buheiry - Leila, Receptionist
    Gail Clymer Gail Clymer - Switchboard Operator
    Edmond Hannania Edmond Hannania - First Man in Black
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