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Survival horror game loosely based on the first Men in Black film. Jay, Kay, Laurel and Zed investigate four separate cases set in New York, the Arctic, Brazil and the Pacific Ocean that have one thing in common - an alien conspiracy.

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    • Author: Gavikelv
    Thank heavens I bought this in a clearance sale. It did not keep my attention for long and for 2 reasons. First, it is a very easy game and very quickly finished and second, there just wasn't enough going on.

    The graphics were atmospheric and did create a cool mood similar to that of the movie but the sound was barely noticed. Slight music and sound effects kicked in once or twice each level and the voices were so obviously not Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

    Puzzles are easily solved and there is practically no mystery. The gameplay is simply dull. Character control is shockingly dated and there isn't even much for them (you can play K,J or um...Linda Fiorentino)to do. All you basically do is walk around in a very limited environment where usually nothing fills the screen.

    Considering the scale and ambition of so many modern games this one seems extremely primitive in comparison. Definitely not worth attention for anyone over the age of 8.
  • Cast overview:
    Mystro Clark Mystro Clark - (voice) (as Maestro Clark)
    Victor Brandt Victor Brandt - (voice)
    Lani Minella Lani Minella - (voice)
    Nicholas Reiner Nicholas Reiner - (voice) (as Nick Reiner)
    Jerome Koenig Jerome Koenig - (voice)
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