» » Endgame Mr. Black (2011)

Short summary

A seemingly normal day for Balagan quickly turns deadly. After logging into an internet chess game, he discovers his opponent, "Mr Black", has taken hostages and will kill one for every game Balagan loses. When the police try to intervene, Balagan's clock runs out - with disastrous results. Balagan realizes he will have to work alone. He figures out who his mysterious opponent is, where he lives, and why he is doing this. Turns out, Mr Black is not mad. He has a reason and a purpose for doing what he is doing. So, now, how to stop him?

Episode complete credited cast:
Shawn Doyle Shawn Doyle - Arkady Balagan
Patrick Gallagher Patrick Gallagher - Hugo Lum
Katharine Isabelle Katharine Isabelle - Danni
Carmen Aguirre Carmen Aguirre - Alcina Albeniz
Melanie Papalia Melanie Papalia - Pippa Venturi
Benjamin Ratner Benjamin Ratner - Mr. Black / Dennis Grovener (as Ben Ratner)
Karen LeBlanc Karen LeBlanc - Regina Velasco (as Karen Leblanc)
Darcy Laurie Darcy Laurie - Calderone
Veena Sood Veena Sood - Barbara Stillwell
Lisa Ray Lisa Ray - Rosemary Venturi
Torrance Coombs Torrance Coombs - Sam Besht
Melissa Robertson Melissa Robertson - Karina Grovenor
Khaira Ledeyo Khaira Ledeyo - Driver
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