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Short summary

This film was made for the 2015 Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project. The required elements were:

Line: This will be my downfall. Prop: A doughnut Character: Dr. Zack Gordon, animal psychologist Genre: Carnival/Freak

There are three homages in the movie. One, Detective Craven is named after horror director Wes Craven. Coroner Argento is named after horror director Dario Argento and Penny is named after Pennywise from the movie "It".

The movie was referred to on the slate as "Meth Mom".

Credited cast:
Lamar Darnell Fields Lamar Darnell Fields - The Clown
Olivia Gill Olivia Gill - Penny / Jenny
David Kost David Kost - Detective Craven
Zach Markel Zach Markel - Coroner Argento
Brett C. Wagner Brett C. Wagner - Dr. Zack Gordon
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